6 Tips To Create Your Ultimate Sleep Environment

There are many upgrades you can make in your bedroom to ensure you get night of superb sleep once again.Start with these 6 simple upgrades

Shower vs Tub

  Shower Vs Tub: Which would you choose? This post may contain affiliate links in which we may earn a small commission at no additional…

Garage to Apartment

Garage to Apartment Our family is expanding and some children moving out and moving back in. What to do? We have a 900  sq ft…

Boys Bathroom Remodel- Demo

Demo day for our huge bathroom overhaul. Changing from a builder grade bathroom to everything concrete.

Why you should update or remodel a house instead of move

Why move when you can remodel for cheaper and less stress? Remodeling is cheaper and quicker to do than listing a house and moving. So…

Home Theater Rooms

  Popcorn and Movie Theater experience in the comfort of your own home   Buying a house is usually a lifelong goal for most people…

Bathroom Remodel

  Styles come and styles go and so began a bathroom remodel.    BEFORE   AFTER BEFORE AFTER  BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER We replaced the tile…

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