10 Budget Friendly Laundry Room Remodeling Ideas

10 Budget Friendly Laundry Room Remodeling Ideas

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The laundry room is an essential part of your house.  Without a good laundry room, you may face some problems. But there is no need to ignore the laundry room with these 10 budget friendly laundry room remodeling ideas.

So, what should you do?

You can renovate your laundry room. But, before renovating your laundry room, you should ask:

What’s the size of your laundry room

The size of your laundry room matters most. If your laundry room is big, then you can design it more conveniently. But, in that case, you may require a big budget. Apart from that, a small laundry room means you have to think of something unique for your space.

Why do you want to renovate your laundry room?

You may face some problems in your laundry room. Just think about them. If you know the problems, then you may have to solve only those particular problems.

What’s your budget?

This is the most important thing. Before you start renovating, you should consider your budget. You should know – what you can afford.

To help you, 10 great laundry room remodel ideas on a budget are listed below. The list will help you to make your laundry room more useful. Incorporating one or all of the items that can make a transition you love.


10 Budget-Friendly Laundry Room Remodel Ideas



Your laundry room may have brushes, detergents, fabric softeners and much more. Now, you have to hide those things. A wooden cabinet would be a perfect choice for you to keep all these things. The cabinet can help you to make your laundry more organized.



Laundry rooms are often situated in a small place and are poorly lit. So, you may not get enough natural light. Hence, you should have some bright LED lights in your laundry room. It will make your laundry room sparkling.



Bright colors can provide you with an attractive laundry room as well as certain colors can give the illusion of a bigger space. So, choose your laundry room’s color wisely.

Sherwin-Williams now has a colorId quiz you can take to help you match what colors you may like. You can explore your color Id here.



You may not have enough shelves in your laundry room. In that case, you can install some shelves on the walls of your laundry room. You can use the corners. Even you can install hanging shelves or open shelves.  Jessica Welling Interiors purchased simple Ikea shelves and achieved an organized and clean look.  




A washing machine or a dryer may not give your laundry room a stylish look. So, you should use some beautiful curtains to hide all these machines.

Ironing Board

An ironing board can make your laundry room complete. You just don’t have to find a table to iron all your clothes. Just make a foldable ironing board and iron all your clothes on it. You can buy some reasonably priced ironing board cabinets from Amazon to be delivered right to your door. Then install in the wall.


Drying Racks

Heavy clothes are hard to dry. Hence, you need drying racks. It won’t take a huge space to install these racks. But, these racks can be very useful. I love how Rhonda at Batchelors way incorporated her drying racks into these drawers. Check them out at Batchelorsway.com. 


Additional Appliances

You may have a big family. That’s why you can keep two washers in your laundry room. These washers can help you to wash all your clothes in a day.


A Sink

If your laundry lacks a sink, then you could install one. You can install a small sink or a large sink. You should remember that a sink may save your labor and time. Check out the laundry room remodel over at Polishedhabitat.com 



A Space for All Your Dirty Clothes

Nobody likes a disorganized laundry room. Hence, you shouldn’t pile up all your dirty clothes in the middle of your laundry room. You can keep your washers a little above the ground (1ft). There you can keep some baskets for all your dirty clothes.

You can follow the above laundry room remodel ideas on a budget. It will make your laundry room modern and attractive. So, start counting your budget and make your laundry room more useful.

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  • These are some great ideas, I would love to incorporate something new in our laundry space. Thanks for sharing. The gray drawers are so nice!


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