6 Tips To Create Your Ultimate Sleep Environment

6 Tips To Create Your Ultimate Sleep Environment

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Create the Ultimate Sleep Environment with These 6 Simple Upgrades

When was the last time you can honestly say that you had a good night’s sleep?  Most people we talk to say that they either struggle to fall asleep or wake up constantly throughout the night.

Thankfully, there are many upgrades you can make in your bedroom to create an ultimate sleep environment to ensure you get night after night of superb sleep once again.

Here are 6 simple upgrades you should consider when creating the ultimate sleep environment:

  1. Light and Noise Reducing Curtains


You may not realize how important light-blocking curtains are during certain times of the year, but during the summer months when the days are longer, they can come in handy.  When you choose to use light and noise reducing curtains in your room, the curtains will block out the light and much of the noise, allowing you to sleep longer than you would if you subconsciously saw daylight or heard the slightest of noises.


  1. Smart Ceiling Fan


Older ceiling fans could either be controlled by a light switch or remote control, but ceiling fans have now crept into the 21st century with smart home features.  That means you can now control your smart ceiling fan through your Alexa device or another home hub.  This is perfect when you are trying to fall asleep and feel warm or when you wake up in the middle of the night feeling chilly.  Simply state what you want the fan to do and it will do it without you needing to get up.


  1. Diffuser with Lavender Essential Oil


It has long been known that lavender relaxes and soothes, and that is why more and more people are adding diffusers filled with lavender essential oil to their bedrooms.  Simply purchase a diffuser and a high-quality lavender essential oil.  Then follow the directions to go into a deep slumber night after night.

  1. Air Quality Control


When you have your windows open throughout the year, it can be quite difficult to keep the air quality in your bedroom under control.  Add in the dust and other things that accumulate inside this space of your home and you could find yourself struggling to breathe without knowing it in the middle of the night.  An air purifier can help with this issue and it can work as a white noise machine while you sleep.

  1. Plants


Adding a few plants will also help with the air quality control in your bedroom because they add extra oxygen.  Place a few in strategic locations around the room and reap the benefits for years.


Lavender is pretty as well it helps lower blood pressure and stress levels making it a perfect bedroom plant.

  1. A Good Mattress


A lumpy old mattress is not going to allow you to have a good night’s sleep, even if you have completed all the upgrades listed above.  Therefore, we recommend investing in a good mattress, so you can be comfortable and drift off to sleep as soon as you lay down.

These six upgrades should have you experiencing the best sleep of your life in your new ultimate sleep environment.  While you can make all these changes at once, feel free to do one of them at a time, as your schedule allows.  You may not notice the changes immediately if you do them one at a time, but you will notice them once you have completed all the upgrades.


Whatever your needs may be to make your bedroom the ultimate sleep experience… from soundproofing your room, setting up an Alexa or installing a new ceiling fan, Handyman Larry has you covered, give him a call so you can be on your way to a good nights sleep.


Happy Dreams!

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