Industrial Bedroom on a Budget

Industrial Bedroom on a Budget

Here we have a small 10 x 10  boys bedroom. We needed it to be boy-proof as two boys would be sharing a room and boys can do a lot of damage. If you have boys you know what we mean. To give the room an industrial touch with industrial durability the carpet was ripped out and the floor and walls painted a light grey. We then painted a wall to look like brick by cutting Dollar Store sponges cut into brick size squares. Using three different colored paints we stamped away to get this nice faux brick wall.

We then replaced the baseboard with a metal roofing sheeting to get a no ledge baseboard. This created a no need to clean, no collecting dust, can’t be damaged baseboard. With a little spray paint on the outlet covers and the ceiling fan, we were able to get a metal look for the cost of $3 can of spray paint.  Metal piping was used to hang the curtains. The boys can hang on it…it’s not going anywhere. We bought a metal garbage can for a toy box and metal lockers to use as drawers and there we have an industrial proof boys room.

Later, as our children started moving out and freed up rooms each boy was able to have their own room so to update a little we had a good friend’s sons, Jaysen and Austin Batchelor,  graffiti the boys’ name on the wall. The room has held up to its durability. It has gone through all our boys and still looks clean and good as new.

To contact Jaysen or Austin for Graffiti you can email at:

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