Concrete Bathroom Shower

Concrete Bathroom Shower

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After our Shower Demo

We pulled out the shower in an earlier post you can check out the details for that here. 



I found this standard size tub 32″ x “60 off of Craigslist for $40. It’s super deep and was in excellent shape so we snatched it.

My wife originally wanted the whole entire shower and bath to be cement but as this was my first-time attempt at a cement bathroom I decided on buying a fiberglass tub with everything else cement.

I built a little support/sidewall out of 2×4’s to encase the tub and framed out a small niche.  Then attached cement board to all the walls of the shower and the little sidewall.



I then put fiberglass mesh on all the seams.

I then patched the seams to seal them with Quickcrete hydraulic waterproof cement.





Applied RedGuard. You can apply this with a roller, sponge or brush. I like how it went on with a sponge the best.


Next, I mixed Ardex CP as instructed on the bag and then applied to all the RedGuard walls and side wall.


My wife wanted the everything surrounding the toilet to be concrete because of all the boys with bad aim so I also applied the concrete to the wall and the cabinet side that was next to the toilet.


I let that dry for a day and then moved on to the next step.


I then mixed the Ardex TWP to a pudding consistency and applied with a trowel. I learned fast that it dries too fast to mix much more than a quart at a time. I applied two coats. It just needs to have a smooth consistency.

After that dried, I did a light sanding.


I wanted to make sure it was sealed and really shiny so I rolled on several coats (probably 13) of high gloss Valspar water sealer. Add replaced our hardware.

My wife was super happy how it turned out. She is in love with how simple it was, how clean and industrial, yet elegant it looks.




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Comments (2)

  • I want to do this but for a shower only. Are you still happy with it and is it holding up well?

    • We are very happy with it. I am working on an update. We just did a video going over it and showing how it has held up so I should be posting that sometime this month.


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