Home Theater Rooms

Home Theater Rooms


Popcorn and Movie Theater experience in the comfort of your own home


Buying a house is usually a lifelong goal for most people but just like other products, houses experience wear and tear. Regular house maintenance steps can help boost it’s longevity, modernize it, and can save you money by identifying faulty parts that could be hurting your pocketbook. A classic example could be a faulty heating and cooling system that is consuming a lot of energy leading to large utility bills every month.

Remodeling is also essential to keep your house looking great and keeping your house at a top market dollar. Remodeling also offers a little more fun as remodeling projects are a great opportunity to introduce new features into a house to make it more interesting than before. Such new features not only make you want to spend more time in the house but also boost the value of your house. 

A popular trend is a Home theater or Media room. Have you considered a Home theater or a media room? Having a dedicated space for a spectacular movie experience helps bring home movie watching to a whole new level. When done right, the audio and video performance and ambiance in such a room are simply stunning! 

If you can spare an extra room in the basement, you will get the best results for a Home Theater room. However, don’t have room for a designated movie room. We can help you design a media room. A media room is different from a home theater because it can serve additional purposes. It might be serving as a family room, game room and where you watch your movies. Either way, we can help you recreate the effects of a home theater by adding components that will enhance the movie experience yet provide multiple activities in the room or we can help you create a new luxury home theater room. 

Things to consider:

*What will be the primary purpose of the room? Will you be watching movies, playing games? Eating? Will there be any other activities going on in the room such as billiards, board games, etc.? 

*The size and shape of the room. Do you have an extra room to spare? Do you have a basement? Are you not sure you can fit a theater room but would really like to? Call us we can come give design ideas.

*The acoustical properties? Do you need additional insulation on the ceiling, exterior, and interior walls? 

*Do you want a high-quality large screen projection system or large screen t.v., DVD player, and want it all remote controlled? Is your gaming system connected? Would you like help to decide on a theater system to suit you? We can help with that. 

*Do you want a cabinet or closet to house the media equipment or will your components be out in the open?

* Lighting. Is there any light issues that may affect your viewing experience? Do you need any room darkening equipment? 

* Do you want your speakers on the wall or to stand alone?

*What comfortable seating will be used? Will you be wanting stadium seating, lounge seating or a couch and recliner?

Whether you would like a home theater or a media area, whatever your situation we can help you design, create and optimize your home entertainment for an unforgettable experience on any budget.

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