How to replace a toilet wax o-ring

 How to Replace Toilet Wax O-Ring Is the toilet floor leaking water or do you have a wobbly toilet? Before spending any money, figure out…

How to replace a toilet flapper and line

Replacing a Toilet Flapper and Line: How to Replace Guide The most common problem with the standard toilet is continuously running water fixtures, even after…

How To Replace A Toilet Flapper & Valve

A homeowner may beable to save some money and learn how to replace a toilet flapper valve and line on their leaky, runny toilet.

How to replace a toilet wax ring

One of the top things a homeowner can do to save money is to learn how to do simple home repairs such as how to…

Update On Bathroom Concrete Remodel

Check out how our concrete bathroom has upheld after these few years. Has it stood our test of boys? What would we have changed?

Shower vs Tub

  Shower Vs Tub: Which would you choose? This post may contain affiliate links in which we may earn a small commission at no additional…

Concrete Bathroom Reveal

After many months of work we have completed our bathroom. Take a peek at our bathroom reveal.

Bathroom Vanity Make Over- Marble to Concrete Vanity

See how we did a major overhaul on a bathroom vanity. From painting to refinishing the cultural marble countertop into concrete.

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