Virtual Handyman Services

Contact us through our estimate link below or the live chat and Handyman Larry will help you estimate how much time and what tools you need for your project FREE!

Then you can purchase the amount of virtual handyman time you would like below so Larry can walk you through HOW to do the project properly when you have all the supplies ready and in hand.

This can be done through FaceTime, Facebook Messenger Video Call, or Zoom so we can talk face to face and help you through the process the best way possible.

Our Virtual Handyman prices are as follows:

20 Minute Virtual Handyman Consultation – $19.99
(Example – Installing a simple light fixture or changing out a toilet)

30 Minute Virtual Handyman Consultation – $24.99
(Example – Installing a disposal, install a faucet, or change a water heater)

1 Hour Virtual Handyman Consultation – $45.99
(Example – Install a new garage door opener, change your sink from a vanity to a pedestal, or installing tile/flooring)

**See Disclaimer Below Before Proceeding.

Then Purchase The Amount of Time You Need For Your Project


While we will always do our best to help you through your repair we cannot be held responsible for damage done by DIY clients in their own homes. Our advice is that – advice only. Attempt all DIY projects at your own risk.

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