Concrete Bathroom Reveal

Concrete Bathroom Reveal

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Let’s start with the before… Lots of nasty builder grade cabinet, shower and lighting and look at that disgusting looking boy’s dirt on the tile.


And here is the After!





Next, to the shower, I hung 4 pipe hooks for the towels. I got them on sale at Hobby Lobby or you can get them here delivered straight to your doorstep. I spray painted mine to my desired color.

My favorite piece in the room is how cheap the cabinet countertop turned out. I totally love it! This bathroom was super budget friendly.

$40- tub off Craigslist

$12 -4 hooks

Henrys Feather Finish

$12  Quart of Paint for Cabinet

$27 Stain for floor

Molding we had extra so that was free

Lighting Pieces I don’t even want to figure out…approx $90???

Light Bulbs I don’t think I want to go there either…… I think I paid $6 each x’s 4= $24.  I did find these on Amazon at a much cheaper cost.

Ardex Feather Finish for the Shower

$90 for 2 faucets @ $45 ea. Home Depot. I found this on Amazon after we already bought ours. It was only $39 and it was super similar to ours. I think it would have looked incredible and at a cheaper price. Ugh, I hate when I do this to myself!

$39 for my shower curtain. I usually wouldn’t pay this much but I really loved the idea of having my boys read this positive quotes to start their day off with so it was one item I wanted to splurge on. I got my inspirational quotes shower curtain at Inspirado Co. You can check them out at

So for under $400 I was able to achieve an industrial, easy to clean, sophisticated look that can withstand boys and still be nice for guests as well as make this momma happy!


So what do you think about our concrete bathroom reveal?


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