Update On Bathroom Concrete Remodel

Update On Bathroom Concrete Remodel

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How is our DIY concrete bathroom holding up?

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The Reveal

This is what we did.



How’s It All Holding Up? DIY Concrete Bathroom Update

I’ve put together a quick video walk through of our bathroom so you can see in live action how it is. Sometimes it’s just not the same looking at a photo. 🙂


DIY Concrete Vanity Update

The DIY concrete vanity has held up extremely well!

There are some discoloration on the sinks but I think that is because I didn’t measure my product. I simply made my product a pudding consistency so sometimes it was a little wetter than others which I think determines the darker spots. I also believe that the bubbles in the sink are because it was too wet.


bubbles in the sink with some discoloration

DIY Shower

The DIY concrete shower has also held up extremely well!



One thing that we noticed was that the boys put soap on the ledge and then never cleaned. this is not mold but hard core soap scum! I would suggest a soap dish.


We applied the Ardex and Feather Finish up the wall behind the toilet as well as the side of the cabinet. We especially love this. It is super easy to clean all those boys missed aims. Notice our industrial toilet paper holder was also one of our projects for this bathroom and it is great to easily change a roll of toilet paper on and off.



Would we do it all again?

Heck YEA!

The jury is in the boys agree, guests agree, and parents agree that this project was well worth it and we would do it again. It was a budget friendly project for something that often times costs a fortune.




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Comments (13)

  • Love the shower curtain! The look is great – countertops are pretty cool and fits perfect for a boy bathroom. Great job!

  • What a great idea. Wish I could be this handy! Great job on your bathroom remodel!

  • Looks great! I might consider the vanity refinish myself. Thanks!

  • It does look great! DIY projects are never perfect but a great way to fix up what you’ve got.

  • What a great remodeling idea! Love the photos!

  • Wish I had the energy for a project like this . Looks great – good job !

  • Interesting ideas! We stained an old concrete floor to finish off a space for a mancave for our boys. It worked great! Concrete is the answer!

    • We love concrete floors. Super easy to take care of. No grout, it doesn’t chip easy. It’s all the way around perfect to clean.

  • It looks great! I’d love not having tile grout to clean, that’s the worst.

    • Yes, grout is horrible to clean. With this concrete we could literally go hose the place down. lol

  • I’ve never thought of having a concrete shower or sink area; what a great idea & looks like it turned out well!

    Tara Jo Hallie
  • Can Feather finish be used for the shower walls if its sealed?

    • I am not sure. We used Feather Finish for our countertops and it’s holding up pretty well but it also doesn’t have as much water-drenched on it daily either.


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