How To Replace A Toilet Flapper & Valve

How To Replace A Toilet Flapper & Valve

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Replace toilet flapper and line

Toilets are an essential part of our everyday lives. We tend to take the toilet for granted until we have a leaking, running, non-useable toilet. In most cases, it’s an easy solution. Easy as replacing the toilet flapper and line.  In which a homeowner may want to attempt on their own.

We are going to show you how to change your toilet flapper and line. Keep in mind we now offer Virtual Handyman Assistance and if you run into any troubles feel free to book a quick call. This allows you to face time me and I can help walk you through wherever you are stuck. This is much cheaper than if I was to go do the job. For more information about hiring a Virtual Handyman click here. 




How to replace a toilet flapper and water line

You will need:


Toilet Replacement Kit

Water Line



Toilet Tank Diagram

The first thing one must do is to shut off the main water. Turn the bigger knob to the right to turn off.


Remove all the water from the tank and bowl

Next, you will need to get rid of the water in the tank. Flush it and hold it until as much goes out as possible. A good idea would be to use a shop vac to suck out the remainder of the water because when the old valve comes out, the water’s going to pour out. I usually put a small bucket or container underneath that will catch the water that leaks out the waterline.



Underneath the toilet tank unscrew both ends of the waterline.


Remove the nut from under the toilet that attaches to the float fill valve.



Now remove the fill valve.


Remove the old flapper and chain.


Clean the flapper seat

Time to add a new float valve

Open your kit and take out the pieces. There may be pieces in these kits that are not used.

Put the seal on the float valve.

Place the fill valve back in the spot you took the old one out of.

Install a new float fill valve. Screw the nut back on the float fill valve, underneath the tank.


Connection of the toilet flapper in the tank

Attach the bowl fill water line to the float fill valve.

Attach the other end of the bowl fill line into the overflow fill tube.


Adjusting flow control on the bowl fill line. It may need to be adjusted depending on the desired amount of water in the bowl.

Toilet Flapper Valve and Chain

Now it’s time to install the new flapper.


Now attach the flapper chain to the flush handle rod.

You might have a little too much so just put a little loop in it.


Test the chain to make sure when you flush the handle down that it will pull the flapper as high as it will go and allow for the flapper to drop all the way.


Now on to install the water line

Install the new water supply line to the shutoff valve.


Attach water supply line to float fill valve under the toilet tank.


Turn water on and check water level. You can see the bowl fill line.

Follow instructions on the kit as to how to adjust the water level if needed. Flush the toilet a few times and make sure it works. The first flush will not be an accurate judgment.

Replace toilet lid and your all set.






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