What is a Virtual Handyman

What is a Virtual Handyman


What can you do if your home needs some maintenance needs that may require expert help during a pandemic? The solution is what is known as a virtual handyman.

The Covid 19 pandemic has brought about radical changes in the way we live in the 21st century. It is contracted and is communicable via human contact hence social distancing measures are taken to counter the spread of the disease. What then happens when you have a problem that needs fixing which is beyond your knowledge level or capacity while you are socially distancing? Consequently, most families would rather not have people such as skilled workmen into their homes to effect repairs such as clearing clogged toilets and changing faulty light switches. That is when you call a Virtual Handyman.

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What or who is a virtual handyman?

A virtual handyman is simply a service whereby expert one-one coaching or guidance is given or offered virtually to enable clients, customers or homeowners to carry out home projects on their own. 

A virtual handyman is a professional who can guide people virtually through tasks such as

  • hanging television sets,
  • pictures, paintings,
  • fixing toilets, faucets (or water taps),
  • carrying out electrical repairs 
  • fixing drywalls
  • replace curtain rods
  • fix loose shower nozzles

Advantages of a Virtual Handyman

A virtual handyman offers you many advantages such as:

  • Saving you unnecessary cost. It is more affordable than bringing somebody into your house. 
  • More efficient than looking it up on YouTube. With a virtual handyman they are there confirming the accuracy of your DIY.
  • Safeguarding the health of your family members since nobody needs to visit your home, house or apartment.
  • Escalates or boosts the confidence of individuals to carry out or effect repairs on their own.
  • About 80% – 85% of simple repairs in your home can be carried by you under the guidance of a coach.
  • You can do this via video conference or video consult from almost anywhere. They will walk you through a task you want to do.


When you have at your disposal an expert to talk you through the process it can be very comforting. 

Sometimes people usually want an expert or coach to stay with them for further guidance while they do the repair work, activity, or work on the project.

On other occasions, all they need is the initial explanation which is sufficient enough for them to complete the work, task, or project on their own.

The virtual handymen or repair coaches are vetted, run through background checks and well trained. In addition, businesses offering such services are insured in case something goes wrong which gives an added layer of protection.

What to expect

  • You can message Handyman Larry prior and he will give you an idea of what amount of time to purchase to complete your project.
  • Purchase your time and schedule the date and time you would like to start your project.
  • It is advisable to prepare yourself by having your tools ready to avoid running off to find them thereby wasting time.
  • You should also get the problem area or area concerned ready before the meter starts to count by removing clutter from the area, and lighting up the trouble spot using a bright lamp or flashlight. This will help the virtual handyman see the area better and speed up the process.


Try our Virtual Handyman if you would like to attempt your own home maintenance projects.

To learn more about The Virtual Handyman

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