How to find a qualified handyman

How to find a qualified handyman


What steps do you need to take to go about finding a qualified handyman? When you have items that need fixing, installation or construction around your house, a handyman is definitely the solution you need.

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The problem or challenge is finding one that is qualified, trustworthy, experienced and skilled. The first instinct of many individuals is to leaf through phone numbers searching for the contacts of handymen or general contractors who are nearby.

However, there is a better strategy or strategies you can apply that are helpful in locating the kind and level of skilled manpower you need. The following are simple but effective ways you can use to identify and locate a qualified handyman or several qualified handymen:


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One of the first and best steps you can take is to get referrals from family, neighbors and friends. Handymen who performed outstandingly well are more likely to be remembered and recommended for other jobs by clients they have worked within the past.

Your loved ones are in a better position to give you honest reviews about a prospective handyman. Ask about their character, personality, skill set, level of proficiency, and professional standard. This is often very helpful.

Online Business Review Websites

This is also another very good and effective way of finding a qualified handyman. Examples of some of the better-known sources are Angie’s List, Thumbtack and HomeAdvisor. These sources furnish users that pay with the index listings of various service professionals which include handymen.

A combination of customer feedback-centered sites and social network platforms can give you a fair and accurate assessment of the quality of work your prospective handyman can provide. 

Check out:

  • Houzz,
  • Porch, and
  • Yelp

Those with positive feedback such as good reviews, high star ratings, promptness, level of expertise and degree of professionalism will serve as excellent choices.

Try to be specific about what you need because certain types of work or repairs may require the services of a specialist. It is very important to assess the quality and value of the work they do so you get the best.

Community Home Repair Forums

You can also check online community home repair forums. See if your place of residence (home) has a community page with referrals.

Neighborhoods, condominiums, and apartment complexes have message boards where tenants often post experiences they have had with handymen they worked with in the past.

Nextdoor and EveryBlock which are private social networks can serve as great places to check.

 It is in your own interest to take advantage of as many of these reservoirs of information as you can. 

Bulletin Boards 

Bulletin boards of local hardware-stores or home improvement centers such as the Home Depot might have exactly just what you need.

Such boards usually have business cards, contact details, and flyers of individuals searching for work. You can also ask the staff who work in stores for recommendations for handymen they worked with in the past. 

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