Agriscaping Adventures Month 3

Agriscaping Adventures Month 3

Indoor Gardening

I bought the container but haven’t done anything else with that. Hopefully month 4 I will have some Agriscaping food growing.

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In the Agriscaping courses, we learned about productive animals for food and so I have been thinking about what that would be.

We have older children now that come and go with college. Recently we lost our long-time furry friend and the boys are hounding us for another dog. I jokingly said  ” No more dogs. I want a yard and when they leave I am stuck with a dog for 15 more years. The next pets we get will have to be food and/or produce food for us.”

I was thinking we would eventually get chickens.

I went away on vacation and when I came home the usual boy smell that the house contains when mom is away for a few weeks was very strong and unique. This was a new smell. One I hadn’t experienced the last few times I had left. Then I saw it! On my kitchen table were baby ducks!

My son had gotten baby ducks and was keeping them in the house with the excuse they were too small to be outside. I had to admit they were pretty cute so I bought some duck diapers. They wore them once but we didn’t get pictures. 🙁


The ducks followed him around and just like dogs they wanted to cuddle. I had never seen anything like this. They might be messy but dang cute!

Productive Pets

As far as productive pets go I didn’t realize that ducks have a personality. They wanted to be with my son and got excited the minute he got home. They even tried to help him answer his texts and this yellow one would try to sit on his shoulder. My son text me the above picture and said, “I think she thinks she’s a parrot.”
Where ever my boy went you could hear the pitter patter of little duck feet trying to keep up with him following him. Here they are helping him work on his car.
He now keeps the ducks outside and we get fresh eggs from them every day. The male duck somehow escapes his cage every morning as soon as he hears anyone in the kitchen he will get out and come tap at the window until we pull back the curtains and say hi. Then he returns back to his cage. Who knew ducks had such a cute personality?
The yellow and now white duck produces an egg every day. The eggs are huge, and hard to crack, as they have a tough shell. I am unsure if it just takes getting used to but the eggs are too strong for omelets but great for baking.
Mama duck has been sitting on the eggs and not leaving them so I am assuming we are going to be having more little duckies. So we are actively doing one of our Agriscaping lessons.

Agriscaping Composting

We got our compost set up and have been adding to it. It has been an adjustment to remember to save our scraps. But it does feel exciting to think we are creating black gold! The worm compost is loaded and ready for the worms to work. We are slowly filling one side of the spinning compost bin. So we are taking baby steps in learning how to adjust to an Agriscaping lifestyle and remembering to save our scraps.


This month was loaded and other than adding to our compost bin and having meetings for our final design we have been just been doing regular handyman jobs and not as focused on our Agriscaping. Also, it’s been hotter than heck in Az. so we aren’t too sad about it. Hopefully, we have more to share next month.

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