DIY Man Cave/She Shed Ideas

DIY Man Cave/She Shed Ideas

When it comes to DIY sheshed/ man cave ideas, you’re going to love this list. A man cave or a sheshed is the perfect place to go and relax and put up your feet. They’re a great space to unwind, watch
sports, craft, or do whatever you want – without interruptions! Here are some super simple and easy DIY projects that can add fun and flair to your favorite
getaway space!

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Industrial Pipe Shelving

This DIY Industrial Pipe Shelving just looks so tough. It’s the perfect way to display pictures, books, trophies, sports memorabilia, and more. You can make this and hang it up anywhere in the space, no matter how big or small it is. Use this DIY shelving idea as a way to add a fun look to your man cave or she shed.

DIY Industrial Pipe Shelving on a Reasonable Budget from DIY Candy


Painted Tile Floors

Learn How to Paint Tile Floors to give the space a clean and new look. It’s amazing what a little bit of paint on a tile floor can do. This tutorial will show you the best tricks and tips so that the paint won’t peel off, either. That means you can paint it one and done and not have to worry about it.

How to Paint Tile Floors and avoid peeling from the Handyman’s Daughter


Outdoor String Lights

While the inside of your man cave is important, these DIY Outdoor String Lights are a great way to increase the ambiance on the outside as well. You can have them leading right up to the door or have them in an outdoor seating area as well. Options are good!

DIY Outdoor String Lights on Poles from H20 Bungalow


DIY Cornhole Scoreboard

There is bound to be some competition happening with friends in and around the man cave. This Easy DIY Cornhole Scoreboard is the best way to keep score to make sure that nobody is fudging their numbers.

Easy DIY Cornhole Scoreboard from The Handyman’s Daughter


Gone Fishing Wood Sign

Maybe you’ll have a theme for your man cave, and maybe not. But it’s a fact that you’ll want to have this Gone Fishing Wood Sign hanging proudly, no matter what the theme. Because we all know that fishing is always an option, any time of the day.

Gone Fishing Wood Sign from DIY Candy


DIY Adirondack Chairs

It’s not hard at all to learn How to Build Adirondack Chairs from Scratch. These would be great to have in your space or to have outside your man cave as well. If you have them outside, just get a fire pit as well and bring on the s’mores and treats. You can paint them, stain them, or just leave them plain.

Build Adirondack Chairs from Scratch from Just the Woods


Themed Chair Cushions

The best part about these Simple DIY Chair Cushion with Ties is that they’re done and ready in less than an hour. Head to the local fabric store and pick out your favorite fabric. You can go sports-themed, gamer-themed, drink-themed, or anything else that you want.

Simple DIY Chair Cushion with Ties by DIY Candy


Butler Tray Bar

Everyone will love this Butler Tray Beverage Bar. It’s small but big enough to hold all the drinks and snacks but super simple to move and carry around. You should always have a space in your man cave for food and drinks, and this simple DIY tiny bar is it.

Butler Tray Beverage Bar by Cutefetti


DIY Crate Footstool

The whole point of having a man cave or a she shed is that you can put up your feet. This DIY Footstool literally shows you just how simple and easy that is! You can paint the crate any color that you’d like, as well as add any color of fabric, too!

DIY Footstool by Angie Holden


Rustic End Table

Adding this DIY Rustic End Table to your sheshed space will create such a fun and rustic look. It’s a simple way to have end tables without having to spend a ton of money at the store. You’ll love the ease of the plans that literally walk you through making them step by step. The 10 DIY Man Cave Ideas above (or she shed) are so simple and easy to do! They’re all doable and affordable, making each of them a MUST!

If you’re looking for a few simple ways to add some fun decorations and looks to your space, you can’t go wrong with any of these. Work your way down the list and put them in order of what you’re going to make first! No matter what you choose, you’re going to have a blast during the process and be proud to have them displayed.


DIY Rustic End Table by the Handyman’s Daughter


What will you do with your mancave or sheshed?


Need some help with your mancave or sheshed but want to do most of it yourself and have a few questions? Reach out to our virtual handyman services who can help walk you through some of your projects.

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