What does a handyman do?

What does a handyman do?


What are the jobs around the home that a handyman can help you with?

You will always need to have things fixed or replaced in your house as a homeowner and these make up the ubiquitous small or odd jobs.

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Tasks such as assembling the furniture, hanging paintings, and maintenance jobs which most people don’t have the time to do. 

This means homeowners will always need workers, individuals, or people to do this. A handyman can be especially helpful if and when you move to a new place.

Hiring skilled professionals ensures speedy completion of the work, efficiency, and a higher quality of service. What is, even more, is the fact that these odd jobs and maintenance can be customized to suit individual client specifications or requirements.

Below are a number of small jobs a handyman can do within and around your home as well as the surrounding environments:


A lot of people commonly engage in Do It Yourself painting activities these days. However, not everyone can confidently say they are happy with the results they get from their own efforts.

This is why handymen are hired because they have the skill required for such home improvement tasks. They are also very cost-effective and this will help you have little savings in your budget.

Odd Jobs

A lot of what people refer to as odd jobs, or honey-do lists, include shelf installation, furniture assembly, bathroom repairs, and simple plumbing fixes. Others are mounting TVs, hanging pictures, mirrors, art pieces, installation of countertops, hanging curtains, and installation of locks and doorbells.

Minor Plumbing Jobs

Simple plumbing works not complicated repairs, can easily be undertaken by a handyman at a fraction of the cost while the more complex varieties can be left to licensed plumbers and general contractors.

The kind of minor plumbing work in mind here includes:

  • fixing leaky faucets or taps,
  • dripping sinks
  • broken or lose showerheads
  • leaky toilets
  • running toilets

Carpentry Works

Carpentry jobs such as:

  • the setting up of cabinets, countertops, shelves, and bookcases
  • repair work for faulty doors, staircases, fences, and windows
  • other small jobs could be the construction of wooden stools, chairs, tables, rocking chairs, and beds

Drywall Repair and Installation

A handyman can easily help you install, repair, and inspect drywall. This will be needed and useful when you are renting a new house or moving into a new apartment or a new building. This is even more important when you need such a smooth surface to set up works of art, pictures, paintings, and mirrors.

Gutter Repair and Cleaning

Gutters need to be regularly inspected, cleaned and repaired if damaged. In some cases, gutters can be clogged up with dirt, leaves, waste and compost. The fact is that most people do not feel comfortable or inclined to carry out this kind of work. Consequently, you will need to hire a handyman for such jobs.

TV and Home Appliance Installation

Modern TVs especially the flat screen variety are quite expensive and may need the expertise of professionals to install them. Most homeowners do not really know how to mount Television Sets on the wall which will require drilling the wall. A skilled handyman can easily install such TV sets and home appliances safely, effectively and efficiently. 

The benefit of hiring a handyman over a tv installer is that handymen usually charge by the hour and depending on the size of your tv you may be able to fit some more honey-do lists items in that hour whereas your tv installer will only install your tv.

What jobs would you like to get done?


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