Agriscaping Month 2

Agriscaping Month 2


Our 2nd month was mostly learning about composting, editable plants and soils.

I was going to learn to grow indoors because it’s so hot here in the summer but I did not. I guess I just don’t quiet understand the purpose of the seed sprouting. We don’t eat sprouts so I will have to wait and learn a little more on those, If I do any I did decide on this nice little sprouter kit.


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We got our composter in and set it up. Watch here how we set that up


Worm Composting

Because our soil is extremely bad I knew I wanted a worm farm. I set out to get this sub pod but luckily found a few cheaper ways to have a worm farm. We have a future date night to the Arizona Worm Farm.

Instead of the subpod we went with buckets which are much cheaper.

Learn more about how to make this happen. With Angela with Growing in the Garden 

And I didn’t forget the worms. I ordered 600 worms which quickly burrowed deep into the soil. I am told they will head towards the top in the cooler months and as they eat through our compost. Hopefully, they will be ready by fall but I think they take 8 months.


To learn more about vermacomposting check out

Fun Facts about Worms and Composting 

Vermicomposting made easy

After those essential items, I want to look into this Lomi or something similar. It seems almost too good to be true.


For now we bought this hanging compost bin. We have now had it and been using it for a month and so far it’s keeping the smell contained. As we are saving scraps I am realizing how little fresh food we do eat that is compostable. We use a lot of butter and fry our food. I  guess that is something we will be looking into changing. We will be learning new recipes and a new lifestyle.

Agriscaping Adventure Goals

Once again I didn’t get quite what I wanted completed for this month but I feel like it’s a slow and steady pace. My end goals for next month will be to

  • Have blueprint plans of my yard finished so that I can use these as a roadmap to complete my dream yard over the years.
  • Get my indoor herb garden going.
  • Post about our productive pets.
  • Learn more about Grey water.


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