Perks of being a Handyman

Perks of being a Handyman


With the New Year in swing, I reflect and feel much gratitude that I am able to do what I


I have a passion for the work I do…I love being a HandyMan! 

Not only do I get to do what I love but, the perks of being a HandyMan are pretty AMAZING too!

#1 Perk!!! I can take my boys to work with me!

 This provides me not only the time to be with my boys but the ability to teach my boys what work is and how good it feels to accomplish something done by your own two hands. I love when my boys do service projects and the adults in charge compliment how well my boys know how to work. I know it makes the boys feel fantastic! There are so many of our youth today that are not taught the value of hard work and I am proud to pass this valuable lesson on to my boys!

#2. I can take phone calls from my family at any time.

    Being a father of four children it is nice to know that if my children need me I can be

    available to them at all times. Because at the end of the day the most important job I

    have is my family.

#3. I can work the days and hours I want.

     Once again a major perk of  being a HandyMan  is that I can work any day I choose,

     any hours I choose. This allows me to go to my children’s activities and make my

    own holidays.

     The best is taking my boys boating on weekdays while everybody else is at work. We

     pretty much have the lake to ourselves and then during the weekend when

     EVERYBODY is on the lake I can get jobs done for those working clients that are not

     home during the weekdays.

                             I get SUPER Dad for this one! Double Tube, Double the fun!

#4. My jobs change on a daily or weekly basis.

   I love the opportunity to do something different daily or weekly. Changing up my jobs

   often assure that I am in for an exciting week. The jobs that I accomplish are

   comparable to an artist finishing his masterpiece. I too am excited to see the end

   results of my jobs. I enjoy getting creative and designing new things, helping my

   customers come up with ways to make ideas in their head into a reality or even I

   giving them the ideas and they let me have fun with it!

#5. I get to purchase really cool tools and play with them.

                                    I may not know what the tool is but I probably need it!

#6. Last, but not least I get to meet some really, really NEAT people!

    I love my customers! I am so grateful for the people I get to meet and the friendships

    that I gain. My customers are very important people and I always learn a lot from them.

    They are why I am able to do what I love. My customers are outstanding and

    I love being part of their team, seeing their smiles and helping them make their house      a home for them and their families!

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