Family Life

Teaching kids home improvement skills

Teach your children how to care for and maintain a home. A great way to encourage this is through The Raising Men/Woman Lawn Care Challenge.

6 Tips To Create Your Ultimate Sleep Environment

There are many upgrades you can make in your bedroom to ensure you get night of superb sleep once again.Start with these 6 simple upgrades

Freedom and Fourth of July

  Handyman Larry and family are so grateful for those that serve our country and we are truly thankful to be in the USA. We…

27th Anniversary

  We will be celebrating our TWENTY-SEVENTH year of marriage. This means I have lived longer as a married man than a single man. I have…

Tourettes Awareness Day

  #TSDAY Today June 7, is Tourette’s Syndrome Day. You might know somebody or can probably think of a time in your life when you’ve…

Congratulations/Brag Time

Congratulations / Brag Time Congratulations HandyMan/ Boy  Landon! Landon is often found on jobs helping his Dad. Larry has high expectations of his kids and their roll…

Perks of being a Handyman

  With the New Year in swing, I reflect and feel much gratitude that I am able to do what I LOVE! I have a passion…

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