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Once upon a time, we had a great big living room and formal dining room and four children. The idea of ever using a formal dining room with four children was torturing to think about. We love the idea of having a pretty room for company, family meetings or peaceful place to reflect in a living room, but what a wasted space in the dining area. I can only imagine the stains and squished in food on the carpet. Standing in need of an office we decided to take that wasted space and turn it into an office with shelves for our library and built-in office furniture.

We enclosed part of the large room that would have been the dining area and came up with a 9 x 10 room. This is what it looked like before the desk. We failed to think about taking a before the wall addition.

                         This is our new office addition space from the outside.

                   We tore up the carpet and placed wood flooring we purchased from Costco

                   and custom built the cabinets out of a beech wood.

I wish we would have taken better and more pictures but at the time we were taking pictures just because and thank goodness we kept them. I guess we live and we learn. Note to self…  Always take pictures of projects…or make a project scrapbook.

At least you can get the idea of the possibilities of a built-in desk. If your looking for ideas check out my Pinterest page under HandyMan Larry on my board titled “desks”.

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