Medicine Cabinet Makeover for under $10

Medicine Cabinet Makeover for under $10

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Medicine Cabinets, they are not usually the prettiest things but they are handy at hiding all our little bathroom odds and ends.

In the process of remodeling our boy’s bathroom we couldn’t very well update and make all these incredible changes to the rest of the bathroom and then leave the medicine cabinet, yet we didn’t want to spend a fortune on a new one.

I thought…If we could put molding around the big mirror why not try the little one.


First, we cleared and cleaned out the cabinet, Giving it a cabinet a good wipe down with soap and water and then we let completely dry. This is a good time to pitch expired or nearly empty things. Remove the shelves and wash as well.

We then set up our cabinet outside and picked our favorite Rustoleum spray paint and sprayed away till it was good and covered.

We got the cheapest, smallest molding at Home Depot and cut it to surround the mirror. We then installed it back in the spot and used Power Grab to set in place making sure the hinge side does not have too much overhang so it can open and close easily. Power Grab was important as it helped instantly set the molding. It didn’t run down and make a mess and we didn’t have to hold it in place very long. After we installed the molding all the way around we let it all dry and then whatever squegged out onto the mirror is easily scraped off with a blade and wiping that after ensures there won’t be smearing of the glue which is harder to remove.

We painted our molding after which I would recommend doing prior to putting it on. We made it harder on ourselves than it had to be. You would think after several projects of recommending painting prior we would learn our lesson but I guess we get a little too antsy and excited. 🙂


Krylon K08846007 ‘Dual’ Superbond Paint and Primer Metallic Finish, Silver, 12 Ounce

Loctite Power Grab Utility Putty 


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