Congratulations/Brag Time

Congratulations/Brag Time

Congratulations / Brag Time


HandyMan/ Boy  Landon!

Landon is often found on jobs helping his Dad. Larry has high expectations of his kids and their roll in our family team. He is training his kids while they are young how to be a responsible hard working and how to balance that work with fun and being a kid.

In teaching his  children responsibility Larry has set some requirements his children must do in order to prove they are responsible enough to be behind the wheel of a car. Larrys kids are free to get their permit at 15 1/2 years old and drive the family car with a licensed adult, however to change that permit into a drivers license they must….

#1. Earn the Eagle Scout Award, the highest achievement attainable in the Boy Scouting Program. In order for a boy to earn this award they must

* Earn 21 merit badges, these focus on learning skills such as 1st aid, lifesaving, cooking, fitness, personal management, community, world and national citizenship.

* The scout must do a final service project that demonstrates they can lead. The project must benefit a non profit organization.

Landon arranged for a crew to pick oranges from an area that the oranges would be left to waste if they were not picked. His team picked and donated to the local food shelter. They picked over 1700lbs of citrus. Only about 5% of boys who join the Boy Scouts ever obtain this rank. That means only 5% of teen age boys ever earn this!

#2. Must earn enough money to buy a car. The child must do the research to find a car and Handyman Larry will inspect it and guide and teach them about cars so they can make the decision as to whether to buy the car. The Handyman Larry family believes in staying out of debt and passes that on to the kids so the child must be able to pay cash for whatever car they decide.  Car is ….PAID IN FULL!

#3. Must have $1000 extra in the bank to use towards deductible or any other emergency that may occur.

#4. Have enough money to pay for 6 months car insurance up front.

As you can see these are no easy tasks for a young boy!

Landon started this journey from a little guy…

*5 years old he started collecting cans to earn money. He saved a percentage of the money he earned from cans and even his birthday money, to put in the bank for later to use on college, car, mission, marriage and other long term goals.

*8 years old he started working to earn money and saved a percentage of that

*12 years old started working on scouting

*15 years old received his Eagle

*17 years old bought his own car & got a license

So we say

Congratulations and Great Job Landon!

We are so proud of you! Can’t wait to see the many more successes that are sure to come!

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