Bucket List

Bucket List

I have always been fascinated by the idea of a bucket list, but I am a simple and content. I find great joy in working and coming home to my family. Setting business and family goals is all I need. What do I need a personal bucket list for…ain’t nobody got time for that.

Maybe in ways, I felt as though having a bucket list was unrealistic and I would be disappointed. Like when I was sixteen and wanted a real dog for Christmas and instead I got a STUFFED TOY dog…did I mention I was sixteen?

My wife keeps telling me that I need to dream a little and try new things and experience new adventures. She convinced me that it’s mostly the joy of dreaming about doing something different and exciting. “Dare to dream it’s Joy in the Journey,” she says. Plus if one never sets a goal or a wish then it for sure will never come true, so what do I have to lose but to make a list of new adventures and see where it takes me.

Convinced I decided to make a personal bucket list. However, being content with my life already this was far more complicated than I thought. I finally decided on a dream from my childhood, which was to fly like Superman! Sadly that is impossible but the next best thing is free falling on a skydive.

This year I crossed off my first and only thing on my bucket list.

Flying like Superman was FANTASTIC! 

I was able to share the experience with my oldest boy and create memories before he leaves for the Air Force in a few weeks. He was able to catch a ride up to watch me. I think we both agreed that it was pretty scary being in that small cessna airplane. Probably more so than the actually jumping out of it.

#1 on my bucket list is checked off. Now on to adding something else to my list.

Hmmm what to do now….

I am thinking maybe dreaming bigger than flying like Superman…and travel to IRELAND

Do you have a bucket list? What are some things on it?


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