What is hard water and how does it affect your home

What is hard water and how does it affect your home

What is hard water, and how it affects your home?

There are hundreds and thousands of minerals present in the water that looks crystal clear to you as the human eye cannot see them. These minerals are the primary elements that determine how hard or soft the water is. In most simple words, hard water can be defined as excessive minerals in the water. These minerals include magnesium, calcium, and other forms of metal in main.


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How to tell if you have hard or soft water

Now, how will you know that the water you are consuming is hard or soft? The water hardness can be identified with few easy things, That is

Suppose you feel a slight presence of sodium bitterness in your water. There are high chances that the water you are consuming for drinking and other domestic purposes is hard. The hardness can vary from city to city and from country to country. 

Like any other thing in the world, the effects of hard water include some advantages and disadvantages.  Keep reading to find the most obvious effects of hard water.

How hard water affects your home and daily life.


  • The major advantage is that often there is a high amount of vital minerals present inside, like calcium and iron. Therefore, it is said that consuming for drinking purposes can ultimately help overcome the same minerals deficiency.
  • It is also said that it effectively treats cardiovascular issues. 
  • One of the big pluses is that it is usually more pleasant in taste than soft water. Also, being rich in calcium components,  hard water can make your bones and teeth strong without extra calcium pills in your daily diet.
  • Another benefit is having a strong immune system and a good digestive system. It makes digestion easy by helping metabolism getting faster, which ultimately results in a smooth digestive system.

Hard water in the homeDisadvantages 

  • Weakening of hair and skin

The harsh and heavy minerals present may serve as the weaning agent for your many body parts, such as hair and skin.

Washing your hair with it frequently can cause weaning of hair and scalp. In addition, you are most likely to feel irritation and itchiness on your scalp after you wash it.

It also affects your skin tremendously. The daily use can weaken the protective layer of your skin, welcoming all the bacteria to penetrate in causing your skin to dry, crack and get weak.

  • Clog in drainage

Hard water posses many hefty and strong minerals, and it is the constant running in the  pipes of your house that can often cause clogs. 

  • Appliances can run low

Water hardening can also disturb many of the appliances of your house.  The handsome amount of calcium deposits present can cause the appliances to go low in terms of performance.

Appliances such as coffee makers, dishwashers, and ice cream machines can evolve blockage in their nozzles, sprayers, and drainage system due to the hard water.

Frequent use can decrease the life span of your appliances, making them less durable.

  • Soap froth

Soap scum is one of the prominent effects of hard water. It will most likely create a white residue over your hands and dishes when you wash them. 

It happens because of a reason that the minerals which are present come in contact with the soap and produce a chemical reaction that is known as soap froth or soap scum in general.

  • Washed clothes may look dull. 

Another effect is that your washed clothes will also look the same as the dirty ones because of the soap scum.  The harshness can make your clothes tear off quickly, making them less durable.

  • Spots and stains

The minerals present can cause the spots and stains to appear on the surface of glass and the freshly washed laundry.

  • Higher blood pressure

It can be indigestible to the people having various issues. Such as, people with blood pressure can suffer a lot because of the sodium content that is present.

When consumed for drinking purposes, this high sodium  can cause blood pressure to reach a higher limit.


To sum up, we would say that hard water posses some advantages with tons and tons of disadvantages. So we would recommend going for the water softening process if you are suffering from all the above-listed effects of hard water.

Water softener to combat hard water

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Hard water in the home

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