Vinyl Wood Plank Vs. Tile Wood Plank Flooring

Vinyl Wood Plank Vs. Tile Wood Plank Flooring


A home’s flooring requires constant cleaning due to its high-traffic nature because floors are continuously subjected to dirt and everyday wear and tear. As such, every property owner should put some thought into what type of flooring to install in each room of their home when it comes time to make home improvements.


Fortunately, homeowners can choose from a vast collection of flooring materials such as wood, cement, ceramic, vinyl tile, or tile wood plank. Ceramic or vinyl tiles are some of the top choices for homeowners who want beautiful, inexpensive, and low maintenance flooring.


Vinyl Wood Plank vs. Tile Wood Plank Flooring


Both vinyl plank vs. wood look tile, provide comparable looks to hardwood flooring at a fraction of the price, but each has its advantages and drawbacks. Realizing the differences in the material will help you decide which flooring is best for each room in your home.

What is Vinyl Wood Plank Floors?

Vinyl wood plank flooring is a multi-layer material that offers an attached underlayment for easy installation. The vinyl top layer provides the look and, in some cases, the texture of wood.


What is Tile Wood Plank Flooring?

Wood-look tiles or “tile wood planks” are porcelain or ceramic tiles with a finish that mimics the look of natural wood. Because tile wood planks are concrete, they require the use of grout to install.

Since vinyl wood and tile wood planks are man-made, they are both durable choices that can be run through every room in the property. Both vinyl planks and wood-look tiles are waterproof and pet friendly. Both options can be used in kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms. The incredible strength of vinyl wood plank makes it an excellent choice for households that have pets because there’s no risk that the surfaces will be scratched.  While both are durable, vinyl wood plank and tiles are both susceptible to some degree of wear and tear over time.


Currently, vinyl tiles are available in just about every design, texture, and color, which makes them a perfect choice for both flooring and wall material. Vinyl plank flooring and wood-look tiles are durable alternatives that provide the look of wood while offering more versatility and less expense.

Wood-look tiles and vinyl both come in a wide range of hues, ranging from light and casual to deep and dramatic in tone.

For a classic option, you can use a rich oak-inspired finish or bring a rustic, casual look to space with a gray farmhouse-style product. With so many options available on the market, it is easy to find a plethora of styles to elevate your existing home or business décor.

Generally speaking, lighter colors make rooms appear larger, while darker hues make larger rooms feel warm and inviting. Another thing to consider is that darker floors often require more frequent vacuuming and cleaning because dust and other materials are more visible on their surface.


Vinyl planks and tiles are constructed to look similar to wood; as such, they are made long with rectangular shapes. Most brands offer vinyl in either four inches or eight inches wide and measure four feet in length. Tile is typically provided in four-inch-wide planks that can measure one foot, two feet, or four feet long.


Luxury vinyl planks are a highly popular option because they are somewhat inexpensive but give off a luxury look and design. Additionally, because the plank can be easily installed, this saves the expense of hiring professionals to install them.  On the other hand, tile is typically more expensive because of the labor involved with installing tile.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Both vinyl plank flooring and wood-look tiles can be cleaned by vacuuming and mopping on occasion.

Vinyl Plank Floor

If a floating plank ever gets damaged, it can often be replaced. At the initial installation, you should reserve a couple of extra planks for future repairs. Vinyl will tear if something sharp scrapes the floor. Additionally, vinyl is cheaper and follows any defect on the floor. Vinyl will not survive flood damage. Vinyl will dent and squish and swell if the water stays on it too long. When moving heavy furniture over vinyl plank flooring, homeowners should make sure that they lift the furniture to prevent gauges and tears. For more durable vinyl, homeowners should look for commercial grade vinyl plank flooring


Tile Wood Plank Floor

Wood-look tiles exposed to direct sunlight do have the possibility of fading over time. If a wood-look tile cracks then you may have to replace the tile altogether.

Tile wood plank never goes out of style. Since tile is stone, you have to deal with the maintenance of grout. Tile wood plank is virtually indestructible but is hard on your feet while walking around the house.  Homeowners must be careful because dropping a heavy item on a tile wood plank can, unfortunately, crack/chip the tile. While tile will chip, it is scratch proof. Overall, tile flooring is better in high traffic areas. It offers better resale and durability compared with Vinyl. For more durable floors, homeowners should look for commercial grade vinyl plank flooring or wood look tile that has a PEI rating of 4 or 5.

The Verdict

Overall, when deciding which flooring is best for your home, you must consider how much traffic, what kind of traffic, and the weather in your area.  You must also think about what is more comfortable for you and your family. Are you ok with walking on concrete, or do you want to enjoy the flexibility of vinyl wood floors?

No matter which option you pick, if the overall goal is to mimic the look of hardwood floors at a fraction of the price, both vinyl plank flooring and wood-look floors make a fashionable choice.

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  • We have vinyl and wood plank throughout our house. I love the look of vinyl but cost didn’t allow us to do the whole house!

  • Thanks for this comparison. It’s nice to know the pros and cons between different flooring materials when choosing between hardwood and vinyl.

  • We are going to be starting a renovation soon and I had no idea that these existed. It sounds like a great alternative.

    • Best of luck with your renovation.

  • A great description of both options.

  • We have both hand scraped custom wood and vinyl in our house. I am rather impressed by how it looks.

    • Do you have a preference?

  • Perfect timing- we’re searching for new flooring right now!

    • Good luck it’s always so fun and yet can be overwhelming. Happy hunting! 🙂

  • Great comparison! Thank you! So cool to have options besides real hardwood.

  • We have had this conversation a few times in our house and these are helpful things to think about. There are just so many things to think about when choosing a floor!

  • Really great information!

  • I love that gray look! My floors so need to be redone.

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