Under Sink Clutter Control

Under Sink Clutter Control

Experiencing Under the Sink Clutter? Consider These Amazing Solutions!

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Everyone experiences under the sink clutter at some point, so do not feel like you are alone with this challenge!  While you may think that it is hopeless and you are stuck with digging through this cabinet every time you want to find something, there is another way.

However, first, you must take everything out from under your sink and throw out the items that you no longer use or smell or look funny.  You should also throw out any containers that are leaking because the odors of some leaking cleaners can be overwhelming.

Once you have that step taken care of, it will be time to finally get the cabinet under your sink into its organized state once and for all.


Solutions for Under the Sink Clutter

Install Pull Out Shelves and Drawers

If you hate digging towards the back when you are under the sink, you must consider installing pull out shelves and drawers.  You can easily put everything into their new place and then pull out the proper shelf or drawer when you need something.

Add a Stacking Shelf for under the sink chaos

Stacking shelves will add more space underneath your sink.  This is excellent news if you have a lot of stuff down there because it will double the space you have available.  It is best to keep things condensed on these shelves, so you do not find yourself digging back through three or four containers to find what you need.

Add a Tension Rod

If you have the space to add a tension rod under your sink, you can easily hang all your spray bottles from it.  This will give you space underneath for those boxes and shallow containers filled with dishwasher detergent and other items you use the most.

Install an Over the Door Rack to minimize under the sink clutter

There are multiple ways you can use an over the door rack under your sink.  While you can hang spray bottles from this rack, it is also an excellent place to store cleaning cloths, dishcloths, rubber gloves, and cleaning brushes.

Add a Dowel to the Inside of Your Cabinet

Adding a dowel to the inside of your cabinet will allow you to store that roll of garbage bags outside of the box.  The roll will stay intact, and you will never need to worry about the bags getting ruined if your sink happens to spring a leak.

These are the best solutions we have found for controlling that under the sink clutter.  We recommend you try these options and see how much of a difference it makes in how below your sink looks on a daily basis.  Of course, if you have any solutions we missed, we would love to hear about them!

What tricks do you have to control the clutter under your cabinets?

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Comments (7)

  • I have a shelf under the bathroom sink. In the kitchen, I have plastic boxes to keep everything organized.

  • I never thought to organize the space under our sink with these suggestions even though it drives me crazy trying to find stuff under there. That is now my next project!!!! Thanks.

  • I need the pantry door thing for spices!!

    Emily Ackerman
  • Great ideas, Your pantry looks like a store.

  • I love being organized and under my sink cease did not think to coordinate like my pantry.

  • These are some fantastic ideas! My under sink space gets cluttered quickly. I like the tension rod and the dowel for hanging trash bags. Why have I never thought of that? Thank you!

  • Great tips! Yes, we all have clutter!


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