Top Common HVAC Problems

Top Common HVAC Problems


Problems can arise and often do with HVAC systems, so it is not a question of if but a question of when. This could be due to overuse or overwork, lack of maintenance, or delay in service.

Minor issues that have to do with the heating and cooling system may develop into much bigger problems if not serviced early enough. This is why it is important to schedule regular maintenance and tune-ups in order to keep your HVAC systems working efficiently.

The following are the top common problems you are likely to encounter with HVAC systems:

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Excessive Noise

When your air conditioner starts to fail, the tendency is for it to generate a lot of noise. Squealing, screeching, and vibrating sounds do not usually augur well and is a pointer that something may be drastically wrong with the unit.

The rattle sounds you hear may be due to faulty or malfunctioning fans, compressors or an electric motor. It is very possible that debris that has collected on the external part of the unit or a defective thermostat may be the culprit.

Normally HVAC should operate silently and you should only feel its effects so when strange sounds begin to emanate from your unit, it may be wise to get an HVAC expert to carry out checks on it.

Total Shut Down

There are numerous reasons why an HVAC unit may just shut down completely such as dead thermostat batteries, wrong thermostat settings, or a circuit breaker that may have tripped off. 

Some of these may be minor issues that may easily be rectified by changing or replacing batteries, resetting circuit breakers, or setting the thermostat to the cooling mode.

Unbalanced Temperature Circulation

Sometimes your home may have an imbalance or irregularity in airflow. In such cases, some parts or rooms in your house or home may be colder while others may be warmer. 

This could be due to a number of reasons such as external temperature, room insulation, available air vents, and room and window sizes. 

Covering big windows with drapes that block the sun or window blinds can help to limit the entry of the sun rays into a room thereby heating up the room and increasing the temperature. Also, dampers can regulate your HVAC which will be very useful.


It is common knowledge that HVAC systems produce condensation while in use which is a different issue from having a unit that is leaking. However, when your unit leaks excessively it is a pointer to the fact that something is wrong.

This could be happening because the condensate is clogged, or blocked or if a piece of the pipe or drain has broken off. It is always advisable to get such faults fixed as soon as possible to avoid leading to issues that could be more complicated.

HVAC Unit Not Cooling

Sometimes your HVAC unit may not be cooling, in other words, it is only blowing out lukewarm or hot air. This may be due to thermostat settings that have changed, but if that is not the case then the unit’s air filter is the likely culprit.

Also blogged, clogged or cracked air filters could lead to frozen coils which may lead to blockages. It could also be due to a low level of refrigerant and you can ascertain if this is so by touching the biggest copper wire that leads to the system’s condenser.

If it is cold to the touch and feels wet then the refrigerant levels are normal, other than that the levels are low. This will require you to call an HVAC specialist to refill the gas or refrigerant or repair the reservoir for the cooling fluid. 

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HVAC problems

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