Top 7 Home and Garden Subscription Boxes

Top 7 Home and Garden Subscription Boxes

Whether you’re into gardening, repairing things around the house, or simply want to improve your lifestyle, there are several home and garden subscription boxes that you’ll love. Here’s a list of the best ones we’ve found for you. The best part about them is that these are simple, commitment-free subscriptions, so you may cancel anytime you want. Read on, and you’ll surely find something worth keeping. 


Fathers Home and garden subscription box

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1. Fathers Day Mystery Box, 3 Month Subscription

Showing a loving father how much he means to you is easy with this Father’s Day Mystery Box. It’s a 3-month subscription box, with the first box arriving at your doorstep a week before Father’s Day, so there’s no chance of missing the special occasion. Each box packs 5 products any father will love having. Grilling, garden, tools, home, fitness, and health – everything that’s important to dads is packed in these three boxes. 


grass subscription

2. Fresh Patch

If you have a pet in your apartment, you’ll definitely want to try this incredible subscription. Train your furry pets and make them more at home with this hydroponically-grown, soilless, real grass! Puppy potty training becomes hassle-free with this all-natural Fresh Patch since dogs already love being on grass. Not only this, but fresh grass absorbs odors and liquids, so your environment is always healthy and comfortable. 

Depending on the size of your pet, you can choose between 4 sizes and sign up for a 1-, 2-, 3, or 4- week subscription. Best of all, you won’t need to clean anything; just dispose of the old Fresh Patch as soon as the new one arrives. 


3. Bloomin’ Bin Garden Subscription Box

Gardening lovers will love having a Bloomin’ Bin subscription. The subscription will keep you busy since you’ll receive in-season seeds each month, so your garden is always blooming with fresh flowers and edibles of the season. There are 4 plans to choose from, depending on what meets your needs best. With the Just Seeds Premium Package, you can choose to receive flower seeds, fruit/vegetable seeds, or both. Some of the plans will also include live plants, soil samples, and grow bags. 


4. Each Sip™ Fridge Filter by Second Nature

Easy Sip Fridge Filter is the perfect choice to keep your drinking water clean and maintain healthy living if you’re receiving water from a filtration system. Certified to meet NSF and ANSI standards, the filter focuses on improving the taste and removing odors from water so your drinking water can feel ‘more like water.’ If you’re getting your water supply from an unfiltered source, you’ll want to subscribe to It Matters™, also from Second Nature, to remove contaminants from drinking water, making it safe to consume. 

Saving you trips to the hardware store and relieving you of the hassle of keeping track of replacements, your fridge filter arrives at your doorstep each month. The monthly delivery is an automatic reminder that it’s time to change your fridge filter. Depending on your fridge, you’ll find just the right size, certification, and manufacturers for fridge filters.


5. Air Filter By Second Nature

If you’re looking for fresh air in your home, one that’s free of pollen, dust, and bacteria, what you need is a subscription to Air Filter By Second Nature. Depending on your lifestyle and the level of protection you’re looking for, you can choose between three filtration types: Catch Some, Catch More, and Catch All. 

Catch some of the bigger particles, such as bacteria, mites, and pollen. Catch More is a suitable subscription for pet owners since, besides other particles, it’s also apt at catching pet dander. Choose Catch All if you want to get rid of the smallest particles, including cigarette smoke, viruses, cooking oil, and smog. 

No matter what you choose, your air filter will arrive every month at your doorstep without delay. Simply replace the old filter with the freshly arrived filter and enjoy healthy, toxin-free air in your home. 

Air Filter Subscription

Learn more about Air filters here. 


6. The Clean Essentials Home & Garden Subscription Box

Enjoy a spotless, healthy environment with The Clean Essentials subscription. The economical package includes foaming hand soap, multi-surface cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and glass and mirror cleaner. The first package arrives with 4 reusable bottles and tablet refills packaged in paper. 

With the subscription, you save money and save the earth of plastic waste since every 1, 2, 3, or 4 months, depending on the plan you choose, you’ll receive refills that you can use in the same bottles that you received the first time. You can choose the frequency of deliveries according to your cleaning needs. Furthermore, you can conveniently pause, skip or end the subscription anytime.   

Free from ammonia, cleaning bleach and other irritants, the cleaning formulas of Blueland ensure the health and safety of not only humans and animals, but also that of the environment. Even without the harsh chemicals, the cleaners do an excellent job at removing grease, stains, and germs from surfaces. It’s a small investment in your health and cleanliness that you won’t regret. 

air freshner subscription

7.Wood Freshener

Add a refreshing scent of your choice to your car by subscribing to Wood Freshener. From 5 unique natural wood scents, you can choose your favorite and receive deliveries of your favorite scents every month or two months. 

Free from harsh chemicals, parabens, and other irritants, the air fresheners deliver all-natural scents to enliven your trips. Your first delivery also includes a metal visor clip for easy installation on your car. At any time, you can switch your choice of scent or cancel the subscription.    

Beautiful, simple, and unique, it brings a modern touch to your car while adding a refreshing aroma to the environment so you may have a comfortable ride. As the scent dampens with time, you’ll soon receive your next delivery to replace the old one with a rejuvenating fragrance. 


Conclusion on our finds for Home and Garden Subscription Boxes

With so many home and garden subscription boxes to make your life convenient, healthier, and so much more enjoyable, what will you choose? With simple payments, easy cancellations, and budget-friendly packages, you’re bound to find something that impresses you. 


Have you subscribed to any home and garden boxes? If so we would love to have you leave a comment about your experiences.


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