Important things to consider when buying kitchen cabinets

Important things to consider when buying kitchen cabinets

Important things to consider when buying kitchen cabinets

The kitchen is the area of your house that enjoys most of the buzz. Apart from cooking, washing dirty dishes, and rinsing fruits and vegetables, it is also used to socialize with the visitors and host family breakfasts and dinners. So, being the heart of the home there are a few things you may want to consider when buying kitchen cabinets for a home renovation.

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Essential things to consider when buying new cabinetry


Budget is the first and major factor to focus on if you want to avoid unnecessary money. It is advisable to spend 30 to 40 percent of your total budget for purchasing the new cabinetry.

So If you are going for a large-scale remodel and have a good budget, you can get cabinets from brands like Fabuwood and Forevermark.

However, if you are low on the pockets, you can get cabinets from brands such as IKEA, cabinets to go, or from viola park.

Mode of manufacturing

Mode of manufacturing is another thing that should be taken under consideration when buying new cabinetry. There are three basic means of manufacturing to decide from

  1. Stock cabinets
  2. Custom-made cabinets
  3. Semi-custom cabinets

Stock cabinets

Stocke cabinets are most popular these days. This is because they are readily available and are pre-assembled, which makes them the most handier option.

To add to it, the stock cabinets are one of the least expensive cabinets. You can get them running between 150$- 300$  per linear foot. In addition, the delivery of these cabinets can usually be expected within a month or a half.

However, the only downside that these cabinets have is that they are available in a limited number of colors, materials, styles, and sizes to choose from.

Custom-made cabinets

Custom-made cabinets are those cabinets that are specially designed for your house’s kitchen. The custom cabinets provide you the chance to get them designed according to your choice and preferences.

You can specify them according to the theme of the rest of the kitchen and house. You even can include an appliance garage to keep your appliances like a coffee maker, sandwich maker, and toaster.

Apart from the style and looks, you also get to choose the same material you want your cabinets to make. However, the custom-made cabinets generally require a longer production time and relatively more amount of money.

The custom-made cabinets usually range from 500$ to 1500$ in general. It is advisable to go for custom-made cabinets in case of large-scale kitchen remodeling.

Semi-custom cabinets.

Semi-custom cabinets can be called the mixture of stock cabinets and custom cabinets. They are stock cabinets that are flexible with customization. This type of cabinetry allows you to add a couple of details in terms of style and material of your choice to customize them according to your will.

For instance, you can change their dimensions or increase or decrease the size of the drawer. You also get the chance to select the color, make amendments in the finish, and style the cabinet doors according to your taste.

Semi-custom cabinets are generally available in the range of 150$ to 700$ per linear square foot. Nevertheless, their installation can take up to  4 to 8 weeks.


Quality is another factor that can not be ignored. Determining the level of quality can help you stay within the budget and not burst your bank.

One of the advisable ways to select the level of quality is asking yourself a simple question, I, E ” How much time am I going to spend with them?”.

For instance, if you will live in the same house for a short period ( less than 5 years), it is not recommended to buy premium quality cabinets.

Instead, you can buy Chinese cabinets. Chinese cabinets are fine quality cabinets available at an affordable price and will last you a decent period.

However, if you plan to live the rest of your life in the same house, do not hesitate to invest in the cabinetry. Buy the premium quality American-style cabinetry for your dream kitchen. The American-style cabinetry is a high-end product that will last your for decades and will never move from its place.

Decide the style.

Styling is something that can never and should not be ignored in the process of remodeling. Select the style of cabinets according to your choice. Here are few suggestions.


There is an endless number of cabinets available to choose from in the market.  You can choose from marble to wooden cabinetry and from classic to high-glossy finish cabinetry.


Not just with the style of cabinetry, you can also have fun with the style of doors that you want for your kitchen. There are three main types of kitchen cabinet doors.

  1. Glass doors cabinets: these type of doors allows you to put all of you expensive cutlery to display
  2. Doors with metal grates: metal grates on the doors allow you only to have a peek inside, allowing you to hide all of your old utensils.
  3. Conventional closed look: this type of cabinet looks possess wooden doors. However, only consider this type of kitchen door if you have a huge kitchen to make your kitchen look slightly smaller.

Nonetheless, do not forget to camouflage the kitchen cabinets with the rest of the house area. For instance, having modern cabinetry in the classic kitchen will never look good; instead, it will look odd.



No one can imagine a kitchen without cabinets. However, selecting the right cabinetry would have been a challenging job, but not anymore. With this ultimate kitchen-cabinets guide, you can achieve your dream kitchen look with full efficiency.


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