Teaching kids home improvement skills

Teaching kids home improvement skills

The Movement that Teaches Kids to Succeed

Finding productive activities for kids in and out of the home has become a daunting task for parents since the coronavirus hit. Although they can’t participate in everything they could before, there are still chances for them to learn and grow. During a time when enrichment opportunities for kids are limited, encouraging them to give back to the community as well as learn home improvement skills, enables them to stay productive, learn empathy, and take on leadership roles.


Raising Men/Women Lawn Care Challenge

Raising men/women lawn care is challenging kids around the world to help people in their community who do not have the time, resources, money, or physical ability to care for their yards. By taking on the 50 Yard Challenge, participants aged 7-17 can maintain the lawns of the elderly, disabled, single parents, and veterans, and in return be a part of a global movement. Once they have completed mowing, raking, and/or shoveling fifty yards, they win a free lawn mower and become eligible to take on special edition challenges. As of 2021, over 1,400 kids in all fifty states and eight countries total have accepted the challenge, providing free maintenance for over 15,000 lawns worldwide.

The official website gets participants started by teaching them how to find clients and providing them with RMLC shirts, shades, and ear protection. For every ten lawns groomed they get a new shirt to congratulate them on their success and motivate them to keep going. A single yard can be done more than once and there is no time limit to complete the challenge.

The RMLC movement enables kids to be successful adults by helping them develop valuable home improvement skills as well as entrepreneurial skills, like planning, time management, leadership, and productivity. Productivity is essential to any career, and there is no one way that works for everyone. They can use this opportunity to find routines and tools that work for them.

Kids Learn Beneficial Home Improvement and Entrepreneurial Skills

Kids will begin to develop basic business communication and customer service skills. Taking on the challenge is like starting a business; they will need to:

  1. Find customers
  2. Explain the service and the benefits
  3. Plan a mowing date or extended schedule
  4. Establish which areas need the most attention.

Communication will continue with every visit until the fifty yards are completed. Once they become more confident, they can create their own lawn care business outside of the challenge to generate income and learn more business-related skills.

If participants find the challenge too daunting on their own, RMLC encourages them to team up with friends and siblings. This surrounds them with like-minded people, instills teamwork, and teaches them how to delegate tasks according to what is fair and effective. Kids will be driven to become hard workers and characters developed.

Every adult knows that giving up on long-term projects can be tempting, but staying strong is worth it. Kids can learn this lesson early on through RMLC. By setting and reaching goals, kids will learn how to complete long-term projects too; they will

  • envision the goal of winning the lawnmower,
  • evaluating what needs to be done,
  • proactively find their own customers,
  • and work towards their goal one yard at a time

After completing the challenge

Once the kids have completed the challenge, then they can take on one of the special edition challenges. There are several to choose from, including:

  • mowing for teachers,
  • essential workers,
  • families of fallen heroes,
  • postal service workers,
  • first responders,
  • and those serving in the military.

Participants earn new shirts for these special challenges to show their commitment and success.

2021 brings new challenges

RMLC will launch a new line of shirts that can be earned by completing other challenges such as:

  • earning good grades,
  • reading books,
  • and doing chores.


RMLC’s vision is to “keep youth on a positive path while learning and understanding their value in society.”

This mission teaches home improvement skills that enable kids to help around their own house.

It can be hard to know how to make a difference in the world; social and emotional development grows as kids become involved in their communities.


We have compiled a list of things every homeowner should learn. Many of these  Essential Home Maintenance Tips can be taught early on.



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  • Great idea! My husband and some of the other dads used to teach the teenage Girl Scouts things like car care, DIY tool use, finance, all sorts of things that young people need to lear – but don’t always, at home. 👍

    • Scouts is a great place to teach those type of things. When our kids were younger we loved going to teach all the young kids. It builds confidence that is great for these young kids.

      • It’s a good idea to teach kids home improvement skills. Both my kids were in scouts. And, both achieved their Queen Scouts.

        • Love it!

  • I love this. It’s so important to have kids learn home improvement skills.

  • Sounds like a great way to keep kids busy, while learning resposibility and empathy.

  • I love getting my kids working and staying activity and serving too! This is a great challenge!

    Lisa Manderino
  • I love this idea to teach kids home improvement skills. My girls all love learning to be handy.

  • This is a fantastic program. It teaches kids so many things. I love it.


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