Prefab VS Custom: Which is the Better Outdoor Kitchen?

Prefab VS Custom: Which is the Better Outdoor Kitchen?

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Prefab Kitchens Provide a Quick and Easy Setup

An obvious benefit to going with a prefab kitchen is that it is basically built for you, you just need to have it delivered and set it up. Some prefab outdoor kitchens require minimal assembly, while others do require you to build it. However, it comes with everything you will need, aside from some appliances if you choose to add them. There are different prefab kitchens to choose from, depending on the size and types of materials you want to go with.

Custom Kitchens Work With Any Outdoor Space

Regardless of the size or shape of your outdoor space, a custom kitchen (get affiliate link if accepted) can be built there. A great thing about ones that are custom-built is if you only have a U-shaped area of your patio that would make a good location, you aren’t struggling to find a prefab kitchen with this unique design. The builder can customize the size and shape of it to fit in this space perfectly.

Prefab Kitchens Help You Save Money

You can save money with your outdoor kitchen by going with a prefab kitchen. These are not flimsy or cheap-looking by any means! They are beautiful and made of high-quality materials. There are different sizes and layouts, so you can pick the one that is the best fit for your space. Some also give the option to have room for a grill or refrigerator if you decide to add them, or let you choose different colors and material types of the countertops.

Custom Kitchens Give You More Personalization Options

When you have the budget for it, a custom outdoor kitchen is often the preferred option. You are creating your dream kitchen right in your backyard, from being able to choose the countertops and flooring, to deciding on the layout, choosing what lighting and accessories to have, and even choosing what storage to include with the space. If you want to use a refrigerator and outdoor oven, you can also add room for those with the entire kitchen setup. Be as specific as possible with the contractor when you decide to go with a custom outdoor kitchen so that you truly get everything you want.

Quick Easy covers

Install a Patio Awning

You can go with an awning that is always open to provide adequate shade and raincover for your patio and the outdoor kitchen area or a retractable one that is only open during inclement weather. While retractable awnings are great, there are some definite disadvantages. Among them include the fact that you might not be home when it starts to rain and can’t open up the awning to protect the outdoor kitchen area. This is something to consider when choosing which awning will work best for you.

Build a Pergola For the Outdoor Kitchen

A pergola is a type of outdoor structure that includes framework often of wood that provides shelter and shade. You can have one custom-built so that it fits on your patio and provides excellent shade and protection from the elements. Either have one to cover your entire patio, or just large enough to cover the outdoor kitchen and dining area. You can even decorate it with twinkle lights or climbing plants.

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  • I would dream of an outdoor kitchen but we have such a short outdoor season I wouldn’t dare.

  • So interesting. We actually built our own outdoor kitchen last summer (really only counters, grills and lights) and it was quite a project but we saved a ton of money.

  • Such a great comparison! We’re looking at these right now, so this is helpful!

  • These are great! I’d love a pergola but living in Wisconsin it isn’t ideal. Sure are beautiful though!

  • Great tip about the patio awning!

  • I would love to have an outdoor cooking space one day. I live in a little apartment that doesn’t even have a patio or balcony, but it has made it a must-have for wherever I move next.

  • Learned so much about outdoor kitchens! Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica M.
  • This is such great information! I’d love to do this after we finish remodeling the interior of our home!

  • I didn’t know there was more than one way to build an outdoor kitchen – interesting! I think it would be cool to see some pictures of examples, also 🙂 I haven’t actually met anyone with an outdoor kitchen, but the idea definitely appeals to me!

  • I love your outdoor kitchen ideas; thank you for sharing your insight!

    Tara | Travel
  • Having an outdoor kitchen would be amazing!!!! Since I had never researched this I also never thought about the different ways of doing it . Thanks!

    Emily Ackerman
  • Great comparison, I would love to have an outdoor kitchen.

  • I didn’t know you could get a prefab outdoor kitchen. We have a patio and our builder started the outdoor kitchen but didn’t finish. This is great info to consider!


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