Power Tools and Stilettos- Power tools for women

Power Tools and Stilettos- Power tools for women

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Home improvement isn’t just for men. Women are perfectly capable to do general home maintenance and DIY projects.  There are countless tools but with the right tools and the know-how, most tasks can be taken on easily and efficiently … even in stilettos!

A basic toolbox with essential hand tools such as a hammer, pliers, tape measure and a few power tools are vital in any home.

I am going to focus on the basics, most of these are great starter tools. Power tools for women that are designed to help them complete projects are anticipated to sell well.

Basic tools

  1. A basic toolbox with the essential hand tools such as a hammer, pliers, tape measure.


Make sure your basic kit includes

  • A screwdriver is an essential tool. It is best to have hand screwdrivers as well as a screw gun.
  • Pliers to extract nails
  • Hammer
  • Tape measure
  • Variety of nails and screws

Power tools- Drills

2. Power Drill– While women can operate most any power tool, there are some out there designed specifically for women to use. The Pink Power line features a cordless drill that is very lightweight, yet very powerful and very easy to use.

Power tool- Saws

3.  Jig Saw – Jigsaws are for cutting shapes out of wood.


4.  Compound Miter Saw – instrumental in making angled cuts

  • Powerful motor – to get the best cuts you need the most powerful motor in the business and the DW715 utilizes a 15-amp motor that can reel up to 4,000 RPM. This is the perfect core that ensures you get nothing else but the most precise, most clean cuts possible.
  • Versatility – the most obvious feature is that you get up four hardened bevel stops (0, 33.9, 45, and 48 Degrees). These are based on the most common bevel cutting angles. To add to the overall versatility of the DEWALT DW715 you also get an adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate that is built with 11 positive stops.
  • Portability – you would think that a heavy-duty saw like this would be hard to carry around but it is also designed for portability. It only weighs in at 42lbs. and it also has a built-in easy-transportation carry handle. Now you can get those high-end cutting jobs done no matter where you are.

Durability – how can you be sure that this is a win-win purchase? Not only are you getting a powerful motor and features for optimal flexibility and accuracy but you are also getting a three-year limited warranty. This also comes with a one-year free service contract and a 90-day money-back guarantee


5.  Circular Saw – The circular saw offers more flexibility to cut wider pieces of wood than a compound miter saw.

Power Tools-Sander

6.  Finish Sander – This is my newest toy.  I wanted a small, affordable sander for refinishing furniture.  I liked that this sander has a pointed tip and can get into tight corners.  It made quick work of sanding the retro dresser smooth after I used the stripper to remove the varnish.

7. Portable Air Compressor Combo Kit-

8. Dremel-


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Comments (5)

  • This is a great list of must have tools! I have many of these, and use them often. I love DIY projects, I’m like super addicted to them!

  • This is great! I really need to get a dremel that is the one thing I am missing!

  • I love these ideas. I like that there are pink sets included in the list. There are a lot of woman that aren’t afraid to use power tools and would love them for the holidays as well.

  • While this is a good summary of basic tools required for a home owner or DIY-r, it’s super offensive to have pink and purple, stereotypical feminine colors. I don’t want a tool because it is ‘pretty or cute’ I want one that is high quality. While highlighting brands that might have a grip more appealing to a smaller hand is of value, a pink screwdriver isn’t going to do a job better than any other color. Disappointing

    patricia collins
    • Sorry if I offended anybody.

      You’re right no one should buy a tool because of a certain color, or that they are just “pretty or cute”. Quality above all is the most important. This in no way was meant to be stereotypical these are tools I as Mrs. Handyman picked.

      I love these colors and these are all tools that I own and can vouch for. The great thing is that each buyer is free to choose whichever they would like. These happen to be the ones I chose and love. 🙂


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