Play House

Play House

Challenge us with your playhouse ideas!

This client wanted a tree house but didn’t have a tree to put it in and had a few requirements

  • needed the roof to match the existing house roof

  • be able to keep a visible eye on the kids while in their kitchen

  • keeping it open enough that it can be seen what is going on inside the house

  • lasts a long time

  • have a swing set and slide attached

  • a sandbox

We had to have an engineer design the house part to be able to handle a tile roof. We put it at an angle facing the house kitchen and then closed in the front enough for the kids but yet kept it open enough for the parents to be able to see inside from the window. We put the sandbox underneath and attached a swing set. The whole house we did in redwood so it would stand the time of weather.

We didn’t take pictures right away but…

10 years old

I’d say it’s doing pretty well!

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