Lawn Care Subscription Box Comparison

Lawn Care Subscription Box Comparison

A Comparison Of Lawn Care Service Pro And Sunday Lawn Subscription Boxes

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A little lawn and order can go a long way. 

A pruned swath of lawn may very well be the ultimate symbol of American suburbia, and the pride of homeownership — but the ways we care for and keep lawns are often, well, plain excessive. 

American lawns are grown far too green, mowed far too short, and choked by weeds and disease. Our turfgrass is the largest irrigated crop in the country, we plant enough sod to cover the state of Florida and to ensure the grass remains green, we pump our lawns chock-full of pesticides that poison our children, pets and waterways. We dump 7 billion gallons of water a day on our yards, and more than half of it’s wasted on run-off, over-watering, and evaporation.

And that’s to say nothing of the time we spend behind mowers or standing around with a hose in the heat. 

But there is another way. Spare yourself and your lawn the trouble with these handy-dandy, ultra-convenient lawn care subscription boxes. 


  1. Get Sunday Smart Lawn Care Plan 

Just what the doctor ordered. 

Sunday’s Smart Lawn Plan does positively all the work for you. From nutrient assessment — just what’s your lawn want, anyway — to prompt, efficient delivery in the right amount, at the right time: Sunday gets it right

Their selection includes Sunday over a dozen nutrient pouches we use to keep your lawn thriving and beautiful. From iron-rich, nitrogen, and seaweed blends optimized for lushness and green to micronutrient blends formulated with potassium and manganese designed to bring ailing lawns back to life, Sunday’s got a little something for everyone. 

You’re about to be a grass powerhouse


  • Sunday’s on a self-styled mission to “support the whole ecosystem for a beautiful lawn that’s full of life.” They’re proudly pesticide-free and committed to doing things the greenway for a guilt-free lawn you can feel good about. 
  • They provide you with a custom instruction sheet tailored to your lawn exactly, so you don’t have to do any guesswork. Each plan is optimized for your soil, climate, and lawn. Plans even include a soil test to zero in on any soil deficiencies.
  • It’s all super easy. If you’ve got a hose, you’ve got a Sunday lawn. 


  • Plans can run a little steep. 

For more information on Sunday Lawn Care go here.


Lawn Serv’s DIY Lawn Care  Subscription Box 

Get ready for your lawn to become the envy of all your neighbors. 

This quick n’ easy kit promises everything you need for a fantastic, beautiful lawn delivered right to your doorstep — all in one (biodegradable!) box. 

The process begins with Lawn Serv’s “Easy-Size-Your-Lawn” app designed to make determining exactly how much product you need a breeze; then, you dish out a little dirt and wait for their Soil Science team to help you figure out exactly what you’ve got going on underneath your grass, following which your box should arrive at your doorstep! 

Inside it, you’ll find the key to a lush, bio-diverse lawn bursting with life: 

Your first box will contain a handy soil-testing kit and a product specific to your climate and season designed to kick start your soil into action with a nutrient boost or a weed killer.  Month two’s when things really start to get interesting. Your box may include any combination of Lawn Serv’s rich, effective fertilizer, weed-control and/or Ph adjuster.

When you buy a Lawn Serv subscription, you’re getting more than just a box with some fertilizer in it — you’re getting an expert team of soil scientists to answer your every question, access to a sizeable library of easy-to-follow how-to-videos and a responsive, efficient customer service team committed to your satisfaction. 


  • A user-friendly process leaves no question unanswered — you’ll know exactly what you signed up for. 
  • Plans are cost-effective and can be halted at will — if you don’t want a box, you won’t get one. 
  • Friendly, responsive customer service team. 


  • Lawn Serv is not pesticide-free. 

Grass, simplified: 

The final verdict? 

There’s a lot to be said for the virtues of both these boxes, and each of them offers a little something different. Ultimately, it comes down to a matter of your own personal preference. 

If you prefer a greener garden in every sense of the word, that is to say, sustainable, then Sunday’s plans are the way to go! They’re eco-friendly and committed to chemical-free care. 

If cost is a factor, then opt for Lawn Serv’s economical, user-friendly plans. They’re solid, too. 


Do you have a lawn and garden subscription box you love? I would love comments on your favorites?


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