Home Improvement Trends of 2021

Home Improvement Trends of 2021

Home Improvement Trends of 2021

In 2020, our homes have taken on new prominence in our lives. For years many people were hardly ever at home. Always rushing to and from work, out to restaurants, or heading to see friends. The home was a pit-stop. Now, the rushers and racers have been forced to embrace their homes. For everyone, homes have become a sanctuary in a difficult time. How will this affect the home improvement trends for 2021? 2021 will see more people than ever being involved in home improvements, with the function of the home changing and adapting to the worldwide new normal.

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As such, we’re going to see some exciting trends throughout 2021, with the renovation landscape becoming revitalized by the new home-orientated mindset.

Rehabilitate, Recycle, Renovate

Even though more and more people will be spending time at home, the money will still be tight, as the global economy bounces back from the pandemic. Therefore, renovation and rehabilitation will take preference over flat-out replacing items. This new ‘make-do and mend’ attitude will see old and historical buildings refurbished and fixed up for a recuperating housing market. The clear benefit is lower upfront costs than new constructions, with all the character of older structures.

Meanwhile, rather than replace entire fittings, homeowners will use their money wisely, attempting cost-effective fixes that will also save them money in the long-term, such as the fantastic new water-saving kitchen faucets

In interior design, sustainable furniture is a big trend. Expect recycled plastic tables and chairs. Nor is the eco-conscious vibe restricted to big pieces, with ceramic and recycled glass vases decorating the newly renovated homes.

The Rise of the Home Office Home Improvement Trend

Working from home has rapidly become the norm in 2020, with offices around the world shutting up shop. Over half the American workforce prefers working from home, and even after offices reopen, many will opt to remote work, at least on a part-time basis.

As such, home offices will become vastly more important than at present and will present one of the biggest home improvement trends in 2021. Given the rapid nature of the pandemic, most had to cobble together an office from the space available. Going forward, fold-out desks or entire rooms devoted to remote work will become a growing norm. Custom home office builders will see their business boom, with other people opting to purchase office furniture that cleverly contours to their existing set-up.


Heating Homes Passively

Given many people will be spending more time at home working, heating bills will no doubt rise. Energy efficiency will be the name of the game, with people looking at cost-effective ways to cut their bills down. In 2020, this is already a growing trend but will take on new prominence.

Fiberglass is no longer the insulation of choice, with savvy buyers opting for new systems and materials, due to concerns over mold, vapor barriers, and poor ventilation. Natural alternatives like straw bales are increasingly popular, as well as spray foam and insulation boarding.

However, the real big players in the heating world are passive homes. First envisioned in the 1970s, these eco-friendly constructions are proving to be cheaper by the year. A passive home is one in which little or no energy is expended heating the house. Such efficiency is usually achieved by making the house airtight, triple-glazing the windows, and employing energy recovery ventilation. Retrofitting old homes to passive house standards will become ever more common, especially in conjunction with renewable technology, like solar panels or small wind turbines. While upfront costs seem expensive, passive houses virtually eliminate energy costs, driving demand.



The Power of Nature

Aside from adapting to the societal effects of the coronavirus, one of the biggest overarching trends is ‘going green’. Not only is this demonstrated via the recycling of old materials, the renovation of properties, or the emphasis on efficient homes; but, is also a blossoming trend in the world of interior design.

The environment is very much the zeitgeist at the moment.

Greenery and house plants will accessorize our home renovations, transforming our internal spaces into verdant jungles. Being both affordable and beautiful, they’re a fantastic method of lifting a room (and improving the air quality).

Earth tones and natural elements will take precedence over the more modern and polished pieces of yesteryear. Nor will plants be restricted to their pots. Botanical wallpapers, floral or shrub-like artworks are proving to be extremely popular, being perhaps the most significant interior design trend for the whole year.




Going Digital

In 2020, the fabled Internet of Things was set back by the pandemic. In 2021, the industry is expected to bounce back with a vengeance. Smart lighting, smart washing machines, smart computers will all work within a smart home, all controlled by your smartphone. Yes, everything is ‘smart’. Aside from the prefix getting a little tiring, we have already seen the beginnings of this trend with many people getting on first names terms with AI systems: Siri, Alexa or Cortana.

Expect your home to know more about your day than your partner does. It will track your preferred room temperature, shower temperature, the location of key household items, and even the amount of energy you are using. As you shower, the coffee maker will brew a fresh pot, while your washing machine will time itself to finish after you get home from work.

While on the surface, much of your home will look the same; it will be the biggest home improvement revolution ever to occur. Don’t expect everything to change overnight. Much like the tech upgrades of prior years, the Internet of Things will be a gradual process in 2021. But with 75 billion devices expected to be connected by 2025, it has the power to change our homes for years to come.


What do you think will be in store for Home Improvement Trends of 2021?


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