Handyman Business Goals 2019

Handyman Business Goals 2019

Handyman Business Goals for 2019

Wow! Time does fly and what a year it’s been! We went from not knowing anything about blogging, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, and all that social media entails… to knowing more than I thought there was, yet it still feels like we have much to learn. A few highlights from this past year include:
  • Wrote 35 blog posts
  • Started and grew our social media presence: (for not spending too much time on it we did ok but expect to grow by leaps and bounds in 2019)
    • 89 Facebook followers
    • 54 Twitter followers
    • 513 Instagram followers
    • 143 Pinterest followers
    • 20 Youtube followers with 220 views on my Forfe video
  • Completed a 30-day online blogging course   (I highly recommend it, it teaches you how to make money online in your handyman business)
  • Shot our first Youtube video
  • And much more
More importantly, this year taught me that I am capable of learning new things and taking my life in a new direction. There is far more to learn about tricks of self-employment, residual income, retirement, marketing and more. For that experience, I am so grateful. We have big plans for 2019…maybe too many but we are excited to put them in action and I would rather aim high than too low. My thoughts are …whatever we don’t accomplish this year at least we did the best we can and there is always next year!
handyman business goals

Coming up in 2019? My goals are:

  • 1000 Facebook followers
  • 300 Twitter followers
  • 3000 Instagram followers
  • 2000 Pinterest followers
  • 200 Youtube followers
  • Launch our virtual handyman system
  • To pursue and secure 2 sponsored posts
  • 3 Guest Posts
  • 3 Giveaways
  • 12 Product Reviews
  • To create project content blog posts that readers find useful and engaging, with more focus on unique content and projects, and product reviews
  • Create 12 videos
  • At least 1 live FB video a month
  • To pursue learning and networking opportunities for handyman business practices by attending at least one conference
  • Launch Wham Bam You’re A Handyman website to help like-minded handymen and women start a handyman business or continue to grow their existing business
  • Build and launch a new online store for handyman web and content material and develop awesome products to expand the business reach and income

What are your projects and goals like for 2019?

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  • Hi Karie and Larry, you’re making great progress and have set yourself some great targets! I’m looking forward to your new website 🙂 You have a lot going on. It might be a good idea to identify your most important tasks (MIT), tasks that will have the biggest impact on getting your business to the next level.

    • Thank you! Haha, that’s our problem we think its all the most important.


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