Utilizing Your Enneagram Type To Decorate Your Home

Utilizing Your Enneagram Type To Decorate Your Home

Utilizing Your Enneagram Type To Decorate Your Home


No matter your lifestyle, we all have habits and personality traits that help us manage our day-to-day lives. Our home is a direct reflection of our personality. If you struggle with how you’d like to decorate your home, a personality test can provide some insight into how to best style your home so it suits your unique taste. A great personality test is the Enneagram.


Your Enneagram type (take the free quiz here) can provide insight into your personality at a deep, objective level. The Enneagram test will label you as one of nine different types, and these types influence your career choices, relationships, and preferences. If you’ve got a decorating project and aren’t sure where to begin, try utilizing your Enneagram type to find home decor to match your personality.

Enneagram Types


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Type 1 – The Perfectionist

Known for their attention to detail, Type Ones love an orderly home. They are drawn to neutral colors and clean design elements. Organizing guru Marie Kondo is their muse, and Type Ones will enjoy items that offer organizational benefits such as beautiful and functional desk accessories.

A mid-century modern or minimalist design would best suit a One’s need to control their environment and keep things clean. If you’re a One, choose monochrome colors, simple silhouettes, and keep things bright.

Type 2 – The Helper

Twos are naturally nurturing and attentive to others, enjoying entertaining guests in their home. Home decor reflects hospitality while also being plush and comfortable. Think fuzzy blankets, pillow, and house plants.

A warm, rustic or even farmhouse style would suit many Twos. Warm, neutral tones, photos of loved ones, and cozy fabric choices will suit any Two.

Type 3 – The Achiever

Threes are all about image and impressing those who come into their homes. This doesn’t necessarily mean high-end or expensive home decor. As an example, a Three who is involved in the art community might have lots of art pieces hanging on their wall, while a writer might have floor to ceiling bookcases.

Many Threes enjoy classic architectural details and furniture that will never go out of style. If you’re a Three, you may enjoy incorporating details such as crown molding or a classic, elegant dining room table.

Type 4 – The Individualist

Type Four is also known as “The Artists” of the Enneagram. This type is non-conformist and unique, wanting their space to be different than anyone else’s home. Many Fours enjoy colorful home decor, one-of-a-kind flea market finds, or unique artwork.

If you’re a Four, combine your need for uncommon items with functionality. Try a handmade pot for your indoor plants, or a vintage desk to hold your office items. Stick to earth tones, natural textures, or pieces made from recycled or reclaimed materials.

Type 5 – The Observer

Fives naturally prioritize functionality, often because they do not put much time or energy into decorating. The majority of Fives will enjoy practical and traditional home decor. A Five would buy a table because they need a table, not because they like how it looks.

Along with minimalist design, some Fives may lean towards more industrial designs for a space that feels modern, but also traditional. Fives also enjoy having their own private area of the home to retreat. Consider installing a sleek bookcase into your living room and use colors that are soft and calming.

Type 6 – The Skeptic

Sixes crave security, which often shows in their home decor. A sunny, modern farmhouse feel with touches of family heirlooms would be a great design choice for a Six. Feeling happy, comfy, safe, and cozy, Sixes view their home as a retreat.

If you’re a Six, consider choosing heavy, reliable furniture that will feed your need to feel grounded. Timeless colors such as grey, beige, and warm earth tones will pair well with classic silhouettes.

Type Seven – The Enthusiast

Sevens are the life of any party. They bring joy everywhere they go and are more adventurous than most. Avoiding bulky antiques, you might see light, easy to move pieces in the home of a Seven as they enjoy the versatility and the ability to entertain anytime, anywhere.

A Seven would love bright, playful decor, or even a bohemian vibe to their space. Mementos of their adventure-filled lives or travel souvenirs add personal touches to the home. If you’re a Seven, infuse your home with vibrant colors, patterns, or interesting tabletop decor.

Type Eight – The Challenger

Eights are intense and full of vigor. Focuses on the bigger picture, the home of an Eight is all about efficiency and excellent cutting-edge design choices. Modern decor is a great option for an Eight, or even an edgy steampunk look.

Since Eights thrive off high-energy, they often have trouble slowing themselves down. If you’re an Eight, try to create a space in your home that encourages relaxation.

Type Nine – The Peacemaker

Nines are the most easygoing of any of the Enneagram types. They want their home to feel gentle and harmonious, incorporating a cozy aesthetic and simplicity. Natural light is a favorite of most Nines paired with antique and rustic decor.

The popular shabby-chic design may also be popular with some Nines. Utilize a soft color palette, natural light and color tones, as well as fabric to achieve this look.

Utilizing Enneagram type to decorate your home


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