Concrete Kitchen Countertops

Concrete Kitchen Countertops

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DIY Concrete Kitchen Countertops


  • Use the electric sander to sand all of the countertops. We made sure we got the ledge and I hand sanded the corners where it is really hard to clean.  We removed the back ledge so we could make a concrete backsplash so cleaning would be easier.

Make sure to sand it to a dull finish. The rougher the better.


We wanted to create a squared look instead of the rounded countertop so we designed a jig. But you can skip this part altogether.

 Time to mix the Ardex

  • Mix the Ardex Feather Finish in your chosen container. Add a cup or two and then add equal parts of water, mixing it until it is a pudding consistency. I ended up using my hand beater and mixed it and then transferred it into my metal drywall mud pan. I found using equal parts worked great. TIP: Don’t mix too much at a time. Do smaller batches so you have time to work before mix dries up.
  • Then with the trowel, apply a fine layer of mud on the counter. It does not need to be thick. There will be layer upon layer applied.
  • Don’t forget to apply to the backsplash.
  • I also used my fingers to apply to the edges and corners.
  • It took about 20 min. to dry and then I applied another layer. I think I applied approx five thinner layers.
  • After each layer dried a few minutes, approx 10-15 min. I lightly wet my hands and smoothed every nook and cranny to my liking. You want the concrete to be slightly firm but not too hard. If you have too much water on your hands you will wipe concrete off and if it’s too dry you might just have to lightly sand some ridges.





  • Once I got it the way I liked it I allowed it to dry overnight and then gave it a light sanding.
  • I then sealed it with  High Gloss Sealer protective sealer wet look… just because we already had it and then just painted it on.
  • I wanted a super shiny look so I painted about fifteen layers of sealer on it.



Now Admire Your Concrete Countertops



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Comments (10)

  • Love the concrete counter tops! Looks so clean 🙂

  • Wow, looks like a great way to spruce up a kitchen. The results look great!

    • My mom is thinking about putting concrete counters in. I will have to share this post with her!

  • Wow! It looks awesome. I’ll have to remember this when it comes time to redo my counters, probably sooner rather than later.

  • It turned out great! I would be so nervous to do my own countertops. Does it level itself? Knowing me we’d have a tilted countertop! 😂

    • No, it doesn’t level itself and it is only going to be as level as you can make it with your trowel. You could take a flat edge and go over the top of it in one fell swoop, such as a yardstick. Either way, it won’t be perfect, but it does have character and it’s not too difficult to keep fairly level.

  • That is very cool! I wish I could do this but I’m not sure it would turn out very good.. Thanks for the step by step instruction.

  • I really like this look, were about to remodel our kitchen and this look might be what we’re looking for.

    Elaina Mogren
  • It’s good to change up the look every once in awhile and this looks great! Funny that you crossed out the latex gloves. lol

  • Looks great! I’ve been wanting to try this when we get into a house!


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