Closing up your Desert Home

Closing up your Desert Home

Whether you are closing up your winter home for the summer or going on an extended vacation. There are a few things to take into consideration to prepare to keep your home and belongings safe in the extensive heat-filled months.

To help you prepare we created a checklist, however, we recommend you create your own list along with contact names and numbers of neighbors and the professionals you will be using. 

HandyMan Larry also offers vacation and rental home maintenance. He oversees that your home is maintained down to the last detail so you can be worry free while away. For a low monthly fee, Larry will cover your property check. He will take care of:

*Pest control

*Weed control and yard maintenance

*Flush your water systems, check for leaks and any other home repairs that may happen while you are gone and need attention

*Pool Maintenance

*And much more. Please call for a personalized maintenance plan

And have a GREAT summer! 

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