Fresh Christmas Tree Delivery

Fresh Christmas Tree Delivery

Fresh Christmas Tree Delivery To Your Door

O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree, how painful are your branches. But how wonderful a Farm fresh Christmas tree smells!

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Seriously, picking out a live tree is a wonderful tradition! But the process of tying it down to the roof of your car, hauling it to the doorstep of your house, and shoving it through your front door with pine needles carpeting your floors, clothes, and face – it’s a bit much. Don’t you think?


If you’re squirming at the very thought of tree sap sticking to your fingers, I’ve got great news for you. Our loyal, and convenient, friends at Amazon can deliver a live Christmas tree straight from the farm right to your door this holiday season! From 2-foot saplings to 7-foot evergreens, and everything in between, Amazon has you covered.


And yes – some trees qualify for Prime shipping.

Order from Amazon

When you order your Tannenbaum on Amazon, it will be cut, boxed, and sent to your doorstep within ten days of being harvested. You can even choose a delivery date to ensure maximum freshness! Your tree will arrive without water, so be sure to have that ready when the delivery man comes knocking.


Amazon’s tree delivery service is fast and easy, so you will be paying a little extra for the convenience. The National Christmas Tree Association tells us that the average price of a live Christmas tree was $75 in 2016. On the other hand, a 7-foot Fraser Fir from Amazon will run you about $115.


Considering the investment of time and effort you will save, the prices are worth it! If you’re in the market for even more festive greenery, you can also purchase a fresh wreath (for around $50), Poinsettias, and fresh garland. They even carry a 14-inch Charlie Brown Christmas tree if that’s more your speed…er, size.


What Kind of Christmas Trees does Amazon offer?

So what kinds of Christmas trees does Amazon offer, and which one is the right choice for you? Here are the most popular options from 2019, and a little bit about each one to help you start dreaming of a Prime Christmas.

Fraser Fir


The Fraser Fir is one of the most ideal holiday trees money can buy. It’s silver-green needles grow to about 1 inch in length and are not as prickly as the ones other evergreens may have. It’s branches grow firm so it can withstand any amount of holiday décor, no matter how many heavy ornaments you have – even the Whos from Whoville would be impressed!


When your Fraser Fir arrives, the first step is to cut a half-inch off of the bottom of the trunk. Be sure to make a straight cut, not an angled one like you would for a bouquet. Get your fir tree into its tree stand with water ASAP, and be sure to keep it away from any heat sources that will dry it out. As long as the tree is well-maintained, it will grow to a near-perfect Christmas tree shape.


Balsam Fir


Balsam Fir trees are even more classic than their Fraser Fir counterparts! Their needles have a deeper green coloring than the Fraser’s, but they still have a touch of silver at the tips to give off that magical holiday glow. As a bonus, they are more aromatic members of the Fir family! Keep in mind that their branches are not as sturdy and a bit flexible, so stick with the lighter ornaments and popcorn garland.


Balsam Firs traditionally grow in a more broad area (from Minnesota to Maine), so they are more well-known than their cousin, Fraser Fir. They are just as easy to care for, though, and they can retain their needles slightly longer than Frasers can! Balsams are a touch more sensitive to heat, so keep it away from those chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

Black Hills Spruce


Black Hills Spruce trees are another winning choice for a Christmas tree. Their needles are soft, they give off a minimal amount of tree-like smell, and they hold an excellent shape throughout their lifespan. Their branches are stiff, much like the Fraser Firs, so load it up with your most prominent ornaments! They also retain much of their needles, like the Balsam Fir, so you won’t have a huge mess to clean up off the floor every morning.


When you receive your Black Hills Spruce, cut a half-inch section off of its trunk to help it absorb water. However, rather than submerging it in cold or lukewarm water, use hot water for the first couple of days. While this may seem counterintuitive, hear me out: from the moment the tree is cut, the sap begins to harden at the base, which hinders the absorption of water. Using hot water will loosen and dissolve the sap, allowing the tree to absorb as much water as it needs!



Colorado Blue Spruce


Colorado Blue Spruce trees are another sturdy choice for your heavy or large ornaments. This variety of spruce trees is highly sought-after for more modern decorating themes because of its unique coloring. Unlike the traditional vibrant, green hues of other Christmas tree choices, the Colorado Blue Spruce exhibits bluish-silver needles. Its color scheme does not match a lot of standard Christmas décor, so keep this in mind before ordering your own! But if you’re looking for an unorthodox Christmas theme, this is the tree for you.


The Colorado Blue Spruce is a little pickier with its watering needs. It may benefit from soaking in hot water like its Black Hills Spruce cousin, but be careful not to over-water it afterward. Try not to have much standing water in the bottom of the tree stand. To help with this, give the tree small amounts of water each day, rather than filling the whole tree stand every few days.


Douglas Fir


Last but certainly not least! Coming back to the Fir family, the Douglas Fir is one of the most popular varieties of evergreen trees – it has been since the 1920s! The Douglas Fir has beautiful, soft, blue-green needles that give off a classic Christmas tree fragrance. This species of tree is more resilient than most, with a thick, durable bark that makes it ideal for transport. Despite this extra protection, the Douglas Fir is still rather light and flexible! Because of this, be careful when hanging your heavy ornaments on its branches.


Keep your Douglas Fir well-watered, and it will serve you well. Just be sure not to trim the branches to make a perfect cone-shaped Christmas tree because the branches will be clustered too closely together. This will make it nearly impossible to hang all your ornaments!


Regardless of your choice of tree species, Amazon will be sure to have it neatly boxed and delivered to your doorstep faster than you can name Santa’s eight reindeer. Typically orders for live trees start in November, so you will have plenty of time to pick one from their assortment.


So rather than bundling up in bulky layers and trudging through the bitter cold just to be covered in pine needles, sap while picking out your Christmas tree, why not make it easier on yourself? Grab your loved ones, trudge to the computer instead, and let Amazon do the heavy lifting for you!


Use a Christmas tree fertilizer such as Miracle-Gro for Christmas Trees to extend the life and help the needles stay greener for longer. This simple tip has made our trees last months even without water. We usually get our tree first of December and add this to the water. Come Jan 1st we discard our tree outside in the garden and to our amazement it will still be green in February.

Santas Helper

Did you know Handyman Larry is Santas little helper? If you need any more holiday help give us a call.

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  • I didn’t know they sold live trees on Amazon, I’m excited now!!

  • This is so cool, I had no idea you could order a live Christmas tree online!

  • Last year was our first year with a real tree. Much as I love the smell, the cats make a mess with the needles. We will be getting a small 3 foot real tree this year as well.

  • Wow, I never knew you could order trees this way! Seriously, love finding this out!!!! Douglas Fir is our kind of tree – Merry Christmas!

  • Wow. I had no idea that Amazon delivered real Christmas trees! This would be so convenient.

  • I had no idea that this was even available to order or get, that’s so cool! Christmas delivered right to my door 🎄🎄 Thank you for sharing this awesome treat! 😊

  • Wow, I never knew Amazon delivered trees. This is .great

    • Ya, so much easier than going out. It used to be fun when our kids were younger and we had free labor of them hauling it but the older we get this is super convient. lol

  • We just go for a walk into our woods. Pick a beautiful blue spruce and decorate it. The idea of buying a tree is foreign to us.

    • It used to be for us to but as our kids got older and left we lost all our heavy lifters so now this is easier for us as we get older. However, I do miss the memories and enjoyment of the journey of picking our own. Good times. Enjoy!

  • WOW!!! I never thought about getting trees on Amazon. They have EVERYTHING!

    • They really do. lol


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