Bay Window Benches

Bay Window Benches


When you think of bay window seats, do you imagine lounging on a plush pile of pillows enjoying a good read as the morning sun warms your skin ?

Bay windows are the little cove of windows that project outward from the wall, forming a recessed nook inside of the home. This nook gives you an ideal spot for all kinds of possibilities. They are often an eye-catcher in your home and allow an opportunity to get creative. So get creative!

Bay windows seating can be in the

  • dining room,

  • library,

  • den,

  • office,

  • children’s spaces,

  • bedroom,

Don’t forget to create eye appealing but also capture the beauty of the outdoor view.

Talk about getting creative….

You don’t even need a bay window to make a useful, relaxing space. You can build in bookshelves and a seating option around most of your empty wall space or around a window.

Seating can be covered with layers of pillows and cushions. You can get creative on your paint or tile around it. You may want to include drawers under the seat for convenient storage space or seats to lift to expose a deeper and even more storage. Possibilities are endless.

First, you should decide what you need. What is your main purpose?

  • Are you trying to hide large gadgets?

  • Create a space for relaxing

  • Hide clutter or blankets

  • Do you just want to fill the space with something?

  • Do you need a small bench where you can only sit or a wide bench with cushions and pillows where you can lounge?

  • Do you want anything exposed? Do you need shelves?

  • Do you just want to enjoy the view while you eat?

  • Do you want to create a relaxing place to cozy down with pillows and enjoy the view?

Built-in benches and window seats with hidden storage are fantastic options to consider when planning your family/living room and even kitchen. They provide more options for hidden space.


Take a look at the bay window designs and the see the many design possibilities it holds…

Check out my pinterest board: Bay Window Benches

Comments (2)

  • Good morning
    I would like to have a storage bench built in my bedroom
    It has a bay window
    Just need storage for comforter type stuff. I do have a photo of what I would like

    Gary Lawrence
    • We would love to help you with that. You can reach out to me at 480-294-1915


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