Antiques Repurposed

Antiques Repurposed


Over the years we have had a few special requests. One was antiques repurposed of an heirloom piano. The piano was no longer functional so we were asked to make it into a daily functional desk. I love and appreciate antique pieces and try to keep as many original parts as possible.

I wish I would have taken a before of this picture but this is the stage I was on when I decided it might be a good idea to do a before and after picture.





piano before upcycled


piano recycled to desk

I also took this antique repurposed from a post office box. The customer wanted the missing boxes replaced and some removed for shelving. I built a box around the outer part to keep the outer boxes from falling and took the back off of where the shelves would be. I also cleaned and polished it.



upcycled mailbox to shelf

Interested in a similar or unique project don’t hesitate to call. We love these transformations and I love hearing peoples ideas. I believe I can make your idea happen, no matter how impossible you think it may be.

My wife always says to me,  “You can make ANYTHING”… Of course, it’s cause she doesn’t want me to give up on HER brilliant and challenging projects.

Most have been a fun challenge. I welcome these fun unique projects. If you love looking at upcycled furniture or need ideas you can head on over and check out my Pinterest board “upcycled” or “recycled” to see some pretty neat ideas. You can find me under handyman larry.

When your ready to take on an upcycled project give me a call at:

480-294-1915 or

shoot me an email with your idea at

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