Alternative ways to rodent proof your home

Alternative ways to rodent proof your home

Alternative Ways To Rodent Proof Your Home

Are you worried about rodents in your home? As the world population is increasing extremely fast, the number of rodents is also increasing per house. That is why the market value of rodenticides is also increasing day by day. As of June 2019, the global rodenticide market value was estimated to be some 4.7 million U.S. dollars worldwide. There are poisonous ways to rodent-proof your home, but you can also scare them away without any poison. So, we present you with alternative ways to rodent-free your home:


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Signs of Presence of Rodents:

If you want to rodent proof  and kill or scare away rodents from your house, you first have to detect their presence. The first clear sign is rat feces on any part of your house, mostly their feces can be in the area where food is in excessive amount maybe kitchen. Rat feces look like round-shaped grains but in black color.

Moreover, rodents love to bite things like boxes and even clothes. If you found some rotten clothes or boxes in your backyard or even in your cupboard, then it can be risky.

Pro Tip: Keep in mind that locusts and small locusts also bite many things like clothes. So you have to see whether these are locusts or rodents.

Pets can be beneficial here for you. So, if you have any pet like a cat or dog, they can alert you. Even cats can try to catch rodents, too, if you feel the change in your pet’s behavior like he is trying to see something or make you alert about something. 

Alternative Ways to Rodent-Free your Home

Now, move on to the ways that will help you to make your home rodent proof:


Make sure you clean everything, especially food and dry food. Because rodents hate cleanliness, they always run towards trash and garbage. Every insect and the wrong animal always run away from cleanliness.

These kinds of animals run towards garbage because cleanliness can kill them. That is why they eat trash and junk food that we mistakenly leave on our floors and even kitchen counters. So keep your home free of dirt and don’t leave any food open in any place because dry food attracts rodents.


Arrange a Rodent Predator  


Again your pet can help you rodent-proof your home because rodents are afraid of relatively more giant animals like cats and dogs. When thinking about rodent predators who can catch and eat rodents exceptionally quickly, no one can be better than a cat.

If you have a pet cat, then you are super lucky in this case of rodents. But if you don’t have any pets, you can rent a cat or even buy one to get rid of rodents. 

Keep in mind that a rodent predator, a cat,  is your best defense if rodents are getting out of control. 


Seal the Garbage

Why are rodents coming to your house? For you? Of course not. They are coming to your home to get more food.

If rodents get their desired food from your house, they will not leave you for a more extended period unless you take their food away from them.

And for that, you must seal the garbage bin and dust bin because rodents get most of their food from these places. So you can say that these are their favorite places. If you want to get rid of rodents, you have to take care of your trash, garbage, and dust bins. Seal all of them.

It would help if you noticed that this point is pretty close to “Cleanliness”. Cleanliness should be your priority to keep rodents away from you and your house.

Seal the Dry Food and clean up any food from garden and yard

Seal up any food. Make sure to pack your dry food like sugar, salt, biscuits, flour, and other foods in a tightly sealed container. 

Make sure if you have citris trees or other fruit baring trees to keep it cleaned up so as not to attract rodents.

 If you continue to feed rodents, they will continue to thrive.

Why Should You Get Rid of Rodents?

 Rodents can be extremely harmful because they don’t come to your house bare-handed. They come with many diseases, and we all know that conditions come due to dirtiness and lack of cleanliness. And rodents are the main reason for squalor because they come from extraordinarily polluted and rumpy areas like gutters and central holes.

So, if you let them in your house, you are letting diseases come into your home. If you have little children in your house, then it can be more dangerous. Because small kids mainly crawl, play or walk on the floor and if rodents are in your home, your floors are full of diseases. 

The Final Verdict

Rodents can be extremely harmful to you and your health if you allow them to stay at your home. So, you have to apply these ways to get rid of rodents and make your home rodent-free.

So, you know why you need to get rid of rodents and the alternative ways to make your home rodent-free without any poisons


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