United Handyman Association- For Homeowners

United Handyman Association- For Homeowners

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United Handyman Association- For the Homeowner

Homes are a place where we belong. Where our family resides and we feel the safest and comfortable. And we do things to make our home unique and to fit our style of living.

However, we get so busy with other important things in our daily lives, that we often don’t have time for home maintenance, repairs and remodels.

It’s a guarantee at some point there will be damages such as fixing the roof, installing new appliances, fixing the bathroom sink, cleaning clogged pipes and many other things that are needed to be maintained or fixed. Eventually, one might be in need to call on a handyman, plumber, electrician or carpenter.

United Handyman Association for homeowners

The handyman trade is an unregulated trade due to the contractor structure of each state. Because of this, it makes it easier for just anybody to be a handyman and probably the reason past handyman have had bad raps.

United Handyman Association is an association that is holding handymen to a higher standard. They have been screen handyman and eliminate the bad ones certifying only those service professionals that are safe and knowledgable. And they will notify you if anything of concern pops up regarding their home professionals.


United Handyman Association for Homeowners

For a small annual fee, you can join the United Handyman Association or even request that your handyman take advantage of getting certified. It is a great source to take advantage of.

Did you know that if join United Handyman Association…

1. They will perform screening and background checks for all home professionals.

2. They offer fraud protection guarantees. If a home professional that we certify commits fraud toward you then we will pay you back for your loss.

3. They offer mediation services between you and Home Professionals.

4. They offer a fillable home guide for you to fill in and update all of the info in your home. Example, Paint colors, faucet types, model# for all parts needed to repair your home, etc.

5. Search for a Handyman that fits your needs

6. A full library of how to instructions and videos for you to perform tasks such as lighting your water heater, turning off the gas in case of emergencies, etc also included with your membership. Screen and monitor your handyman included free.

As you can see the UHA can be a valuable tool to have. If you need more information you can visit the website at www.theuha.net.

The UHA can be a valuable resource of information and links for everything related to your home and projects.


United Handyman Association for homeowners

What do you do to assure your family is safe when allowing a home professional into your home?

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