Start your Website for under $5 a month

Start your Website for under $5 a month

This post may contain affiliate links which I may get a small amount but at no additional cost to you. 

Benefits of a website

The first and foremost benefit of owning a website is that the majority of homeowners owners search the internet for a handyman.

By having a website you will:

  • Be exposed to customers you wouldn’t have otherwise
  • Have a 24 hours business card
  • Look more professional than others
  • Look more established so customers will feel more secure


But I can’t afford it!

Now you may be thinking you can’t afford to start a website. This is usually one of the higher end expenses of starting a handyman business but, believe it or not, it doesn’t have to be. You can design a professional-looking website on just about any budget. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to hire a pro.  Really you can’t afford to not have a website. A website now days is a major must have in your handyman business. 

There are free platforms out there, such as Blogger, Wix, and, and they are great and easy to use if you are strictly planning to work your business as a hobby. Keep in mind that one day you might change your mind and want to be more serious in your business and at a very small cost, you can be prepared for future growth opportunities.

***Remember that being self-employed you might want to leave options for retirement ideas in which I will explore in a later course and your website will be a major source for growth.

So in order for a website to grow with you, it must be started with a self-hosted site.  

If you have heard enough and are ready to get started scroll down to Lets get started

What does it mean to be a self-hosted website?

Self Hosting Vs Free


  • A huge benefit of having a self-hosted website is the fact that you own it100%. You have complete control over all of the content on your website.
  • YOU receive the income generated from any ads if you choose to use them.
  • You can also pick from thousands of different themes and make your site look and perform exactly how you want it to!
  • You can optimize with plugins. Plugins are something you can install to customize and optimize your site. WordPress currently has thousands of plugins.  If you know nothing about code, plugins will be your best friend they are very simple and user-friendly and customizing your site are endless!
  • Improves SEO basically SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and you want your site to be Optimized for Search Engines. Google and other search engines will put more trust in a custom domain and a popular hosting company than it will in a free site. Paying attention to your  SEO can help you rank higher in Google (or other search engines), which helps people find you and grows your traffic and audience.
  • You will appear more professional and trustworthy. With self-hosting, you are able to have your own domain name. My own appears vs free platform it would appear

If you were looking for a professional which would you choose?



  • Ads can be placed on your site without your permission and you won’t be able to make money on them. You have zero control over them and receive no income from them.
  • Often free platforms limit how you are able to monetize if you decide you would like to do so.
  • Free platforms can take down your website at any time if you violate their terms of service in any way. All your hard work could be shut down in an instance.
  • You won’t have much flexibility with how your site looks or what it does. They are more of a cookie cutter look.


So basically, if you want a website or to blog just for fun then free platforms are totally fine! BUT, if you want to be a professional and eventually plan to monetize your site down the road, it’s important to go with self-hosted.

I built my first handyman business website through Wix. There was a small learning curve but it was fairly easy and it was the right price. FREE!  What is better than that? This was probably better than nothing but I spent a lot of time building that website and then I learned about self-hosting and had to relearn another system. I wish I had been taught prior so hadn’t spent so much time on a useless website. Going self-hosted is actually super affordable (usually less than $5 /month and more often than not $3 a month), and really, the ROI is pretty high if you decide to do any monetization.  (I will cover this in another post)

The self-hosting platform I use is, Bluehost. I had to do a lot of research and there was a huge learning curve along the way! My hopes are that I save you years of work from my experience as I lay out the process in detail.

What exactly is Bluehost?

The hosting company or the place that houses your domain name. You pay to have your site hosted and a domain name. However, sign up with Bluehost and you will get your domain name free.

What exactly is

WordPress is a piece of software. It’s a program that allows you to set up a website on the internet. It’s completely free.

It works like this: You sign up for a hosting account and install WordPress with an easy-install through the host. This process literally takes minutes and then you can customize your brand new site!


To clarify when talking about using WordPress we are talking about using

 NOT (this is for blogs only) is for websites and blogs that you host on your own domain. The very important distinction there!

If you want more information on WordPress go to the main site


***TIP: Check your local meetup groups for WordPress meetups or other website or business meetups. Usually, you can go 30 min. early for help. Not only are they a wealth of information but they are also great ways to network your business.***


So if you are ready to start your own website we can get that done in about 15min. or less. 


Here’s what you need to know about choosing any host if you don’t want to install WordPress:

– Host needs to have cpanel

– Host needs to have wordpress one-click install through Fantastico or Simple Scripts



Let’s get started


1.| Purchase Hosting plus a free domain name

I’m going to recommend only one host to you. There are hundreds out there but this is the one I have used and their hosting and customer service is excellent. Of course feel free to look around or if you’re ready to just get going click here . Bluehost is one of the largest WordPress hosting companies.


Select Your Plan

There are 3 Choices for Packages: Basic, Plus, and Prime

If you are limited on budget, the Basic plan will be fine.

But, if you have a little bit of extra budget that you can commit, the PRIME plan has the best value for the 36-month package.

We chose the Plus hosting for 36 months. Our total came to $178.20 for the 36 months all billed up front. We chose Plus because we have multiple websites we knew we were going to want to run so it was the cheapest with the feature that allows us to run more websites and blogs hosted on this same Bluehost account with no additional cost except the purchase of the extra domain name.

***Multiple Domain name hosting is ideal (because you might have children who want to start a website, a friends business, or maybe eventually start a branch off of your current business, you might design a product or another service. I didn’t think I would need but one but so glad that I had that option as I am now hosting 7 websites.)

Click SELECT on your preferred plan to move to the next step.



2.| Pick a free domain name

Next are two options:

New Domain – If you do not have a domain for your blog yet, enter in your preferred domain name in the new domain box and click NEXT

I Already Have A Domain – If you already own a domain, then enter your domain in the box and click NEXT


A few words about your domain name. This is your address on the world wide web. Mine is

Come up with about 3-5 names. It should have your business name in it. You may have to find a few differential ways that can include your business name such as

Keep in mind:

  • It should include your business name
  • Stay away from questionable words and phrases
  • It’s easy to read, say and remember
  • Shorter the better
  • Avoid numbers and hyphens
  • Make sure it’s not copyright or trademarked
  • I would suggest you stick with a (.com)

If you would like some feedback on your names as in the Facebook Group by:

  1. Go to Start A Handyman Business Facebook Group
  2. Start a new discussion with the hashtag #domain advice
  3. Write if you are specializing in something
  4. Include your potential domain names

3.| Choices

Now it is time for you to make some choices

Account Plan Options:

The other options are:

Domain Privacy Protection – This will keep all your information private. More info. here.

Codeguard Basic- automatic backups of your website. More info. here.

SEO Tools Start- weekly reports on ways to optimize your site. More info here.

SiteLock Security – this verifies your credentials giving your customers an extra security. You can ask for an SSL certificate later at no cost. You can learn more here.

If you have a limited budget, I would still the consider Domain Privacy Protection.

One thing to know is it is all billed up front for at least a year.





The final section is the Payment Information. Simply enter your credit card information here, check the box agreeing to the terms, and press Submit!



Ok, so you’ve got your host. Next, you need to follow these steps:


Next Steps:

You will now be prompted by Bluehost create a password for your account.  After you create your password (make sure to take note of it,) WordPress will begin installing on your account.

You will also receive emails from Bluehost with your account and WordPress information. If you can’t find them, make sure to check your spam folder.



If you signed up with Bluehost or any other similar hosting company, you should find your “1-click-installation” in your account control panel.

Here are the steps you should follow (should be similar/same on all the major web hosting companies) Here is a video if you would rather watch it.

1.| Login to your Bluehost cPanel account at

2.| Type your domain name and password and submit

3.| Go to Bluehost control panel

4.| Go to Website section and click on “WordPress”

5.| Click Install Button

6.| Select which domain you would like to install

7.| Check domain

8.| Click on “Show advanced options” 

9.| Enter Site Title

10.| If necessary you can change admin username and password and email address

11.| Read through the license and service agreements and check the boxes

11.| Select “Install Now”

12.| Window may appear with possible themes choose your theme/template and you are done.



If you started your website today from our link you can gain access to our WordPress Course for FREE! 

  1. To receive your FREE WordPress Website Launch CourseFill out this form.  As soon as we verify you signed up through our Bluehost link, we’ll send you an email with your next steps.
  2. Now share your excitement. Post in the Facebook group with #raisedtheroofparty and let us know your domain name.








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