18 Smart Home Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Need/Existed

18 Smart Home Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Need/Existed

18 Smart Home Gadgets You Didn‘t Know You Need/Existed

You surely know that smart home gadgets can make your home more comfortable.  But are all of them really useful? And if they are, which ones are actually recommendable?

To answer these questions, we took a look at more than 1000 various smart home gadgets. From a smart salt dispenser to a smart smoke detector we have seen everything.


Here are some of our 18 favorite smart home gadgets:

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  1. Ring Video Doorbell

If someone approaches your door, you will get a notification on your smartphone. It doesn’t matter if the person presses the video doorbell button or not. With the Ring app, you can then see, hear and speak to guests via your phone.

Through this smart home gadget, you can communicate with visitors, with the postman and you can also recognize robbers.

And who knows what you can catch on these. Did you see that video of the homeowner who saw the snake climbing up their door? All caught by their Ring Video Doorbell.



  1. NIX Digital Picture Frame

The NIX digital picture frame is a good solution if you want to watch your photos or videos in your house or apartment. Especially if you don’t have enough space for a dozen of picture frames.

The setup is easy and in addition to that, it has many different features like a calendar, a clock, slideshow transitions, and a remote control.




  1. Netatmo Surveillance Camera

Netatmo has developed a camera that recognizes faces. It won’t send you a notification if your spouse or your dog passes by. But in case the camera detects an unknown face, it will immediately alert you through your smartphone.

Further useful features are the live cam, which can be accessed at any time and the recorder, which uses the included microSD card to record everything.


  1. Kasa Smart Wifi Light Bulb      

With this smart home gadget, you can impress your friends, improve your movie night atmosphere and simplify your lightning.

The Kasa light bulb makes it possible to control your lighting through an app or through your voice with Alexa. You can dim the lights, you can switch them off and you can also schedule when they should turn on or off.






  1. Withings Sleep

Withings Sleep is a smart gadget that helps you to understand your sleep. You need to put it under your mattress and then it starts analyzing your sleep cycles, your heart rate, and it also detects snoring and breathing disturbances.

A feature which is really helpful is the sleep score which you will get after every night. With this, you can easily test which changes improve your sleep and which don’t.





  1. Maxcio Smart Essential Oil Diffuser

Not everyone likes essential oil diffusers. And if you belong to that group, then just skip this smart home gadget. But if not, then here some details:

It has a 400ml water tank and two mist modes. It lasts for ca. 6-12 hours and when it gets empty, it turns off automatically. You can control it with the app or with your voice and the timer and the LED lights are adjustable.




  1. ZEEQ Smart Pillow

The ZEEQ Smart Pillow is like “Withings Sleep” a smart home gadget that improves your sleep. In addition to that, it prevents you from snoring. Whenever you start snoring, the pillow starts vibrating gently, so your sleep position will be adjusted. With its app you can also track your sleep motions and the snoring decibel.

But just to warn you, it’s not the softest pillow.


  1. Ring Path Light Kit

This kit includes two path lights and the Ring bridge. The bridge is necessary in order to connect the two path lights with each other. Furthermore, you need it if you want to customize the settings and to get notifications on your smartphone.

But if you’ve got it, then you can dim the lights, activate all path lights at once, and do many other things. You can also use Alexa to do this.







  1. Tado° Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit

Tado° is a smart home gadget from Germany which saves energy and heating costs. Connect it to your internet router and to your radiator and then it starts working.

After the attachment, you can use your smartphone to control your radiator(s). And if nobody is at home, Tado° will switch off the radiator(s) so that no energy will be wasted. But don’t worry, if you are on your way home, it will automatically switch on the heating 😉



  1. Rachio 3, 8 Zone Sprinkler Controller

This sprinkler controller is like “Tado°” a helpful smart home gadget if your bill gets too high. Rachio skips all unnecessary watering with its included weather intelligence and according to them, it reduces your monthly water bill by 30-50%.

Furthermore, with its app, you can run the sprinklers, view upcoming schedules, and observer your estimated outdoor water usage.




  1. Sensibo Sky Smart Air Conditioner Controller

With the Sensibo Sky smart air conditioner controller you can save energy costs by an automatic switch on and off function. If you approach your home Sensibo Sky turns on the air conditioner and if you leave, the opposite happens. Furthermore, you can set your own comfort zones and if it gets too cold or too hot, the air conditioner will automatically turn off.

And if you want to, you can use your phone to monitor your air conditioner from anywhere.


  1. WANFEI Plant Monitor

If you don’t have green fingers, this is a really great gadget for you. It measures four vital aspects of your plant. After the measurement, it sends you the results on your smartphone.

The plant monitor consists of a nutrient detector, soil moisture detection, temperature detection, and light detection. If you pay attention to all these detectors, it should be nearly impossible to not successfully grow a plant.




  1. Anova Culinary Sous Vide Cooker

The sous vide trend has also reached America. That means, seal your food in a bag and the Anova Culinary cooker will do the rest.

You can either use the app or the gadget itself to circulate water at the exact temperature required for a perfectly cooked meal.

It’s a little bit expensive, but it ensures that all the vitamins and flavors stay in your food. So if you want really tasteful food, then this is surely a great smart home gadget for you.



  1. Onelink Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

A smart house needs smart protection.

In case of emergency, the Onelink smoke and carbon monoxide detector will send you a notification on your smartphone and it will also alert every person nearby via its voice function.


  1. Gosund Smart Plug

The Gosund smart plug is a universal solution. Just plug it in any socket and then you can control the socket over your phone or Alexa. Switch it on or off whenever you want.

You can also set schedules and timers. This can be useful if you f.e. want to have your crockpot meal cooked before you get home.

But the smart plug is unfortunately not suitable for appliances whose power is more than 1200W (air conditioners, dishwashers, etc.)




Gesipor LED Bathroom Mirror 

This mirror does all kinds of things. Some of the many features of this mirror are the anti-fog, 360 degree surround sound with Blue Tooth audio. LED backlights with a memory switch that changes from between warm light and daylight with a brightness dimmer.


 ViewSonic M1 + Portable Smart Wi-Fi Projector 

Every house should have a projector. A projector is great to throw up outside to encourage neighbor gatherings or to watch as a family with popcorn and the feel of being at an old fashioned drive-in. We have many fond memories of outdoor movies.

The ViewSonic has built-in blue tooth speakers and throws lens projects up to 100-inches from 8-feet 9-inches. It is easily portable and storable.


Lycase Wall Mount

Here’s a little extra which might also be interesting for you:

In case you own an Amazon Echo or a Google Home loudspeaker and you want to free up some space in your home, you can use this wall mount. By using it, you can also protect your Amazon Echo or Google Home loudspeaker from being broken.



So that was our 18 favorite smart home gadgets regarding usability. We hope that you’ve liked it and if you ever need some help with installing one of these gadgets, then don’t hesitate to ask us. Handyman Larry will help you!



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  • These are fantastic! The Ring doorbell has been a prodi hear about almost every day.. it’s helping our local police departments catch criminals!! I highly recommend it!!

  • Great list! There are some I haven’t heard of. My husband and I are moving inspiring to a new home and I’m sure we will be looking into some smart devices! We currently have ring and love it, our new home will also come with ring!

  • Good ideas, residual since we are buying a new home now!

  • These are great ideas. My son just installed a RING and I walked up to the door. He was at the office and greeted me….it was so cool. Several of these items I would love to have. Thanks for the great list.

  • Hmm smart plugs… I’m thinking Christmas lights?? I love lighted mirrors in hotels. Would be nice to have one at home.

  • Great list! We are building a house next year, and would love to be able to have some of these put in!

  • We love our Anova sous vide and our digital photo frame.

  • These are some great gadgets. My favorite two were the Withings Sleep and the Zeeq Smart Pillow. Thanks for sharing.

  • Wow these are really neat and useful gadgets. I’d be most interested in the plant monitor. We’ve been working on a community garden plot and this would really help us to understand the soil and pH better. Thanks for sharing!

  • Would love to have a projector in our house! This is a good list for someone who has everything…there is always a cool gadget that they could have!

  • These are great options! I love the tech gadgets!

    Lisa Manderino
  • That smart socket is pretty neat. Didn’t know that there were smart pillows out there yet.

  • I NEED that plant monitor. I didn’t even know a tool like that existed. I literally kill all my plants 🙁
    Thanks for such a useful list.

  • I would love the plant monitor! Didn’t know that existed!!!

    Tiffany Smith
  • These are some “smart” gift ideas, LOL! I love the diffuser, I do need to replace mine 🙂

    Suzan | It's My Sustainable Life
  • This was a fascinating read – there is nothing at all “smart” about my house!
    And, smart plugs – wow. That’s a new one for me.

  • Awesome list! Just in time to start my holiday shopping. Love that LED mirror!

    Jill DeMasi
  • My family is spread across the globe. We all have Nix and share photos. It’s great!

    • It’s so nice to be able to do that. Love it!

  • The smart home plugs would be great with Christmas decoration lighting!

    • My son just hooked ours up. Now, all we say is Christmas lights on. It’s fabulous!

  • These are great home gadgets! I see many that I’d love to own.

    Cindy Moore
  • I’ve been thinking about getting a Ring for my home. I’ll be looking into it some more – thanks!

  • So many of these are great gifts for new homeowners! I would love the Alexa plugs! Perfect for remote control of the lights in my house when I’m on a trip!


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