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When owning a home there may be additional expenses for maintenance and prevention. Here are a few things to help you in your home ownership.

Home Professionals

When finding someone to help maintain your home The United Handyman Association is a valuable tool. It’s an association that Certifies Homeprofessionals and offers other services to protect homeowners.

  • They screen and background check all their home professionals.
  • They moderate between you and professional if needed as well as offer fraud protection guarantee and will pay you back for your loss if your certified professional leaves you high and dry.
  • Access to a fillable home guide for you to fill in and update all of the info in your home. Example, Paint colors, faucet types, model# for all parts needed to repair your home etc.
  • They provide a full library of how to instructions and videos for you to perform tasks such as lighting your water heater, turning off the gas in case of emergencies etc.


Home maintenance guides