Top 15 Home Maintenance Tools

Handyman Larry’s Top 15 Favorite Home Maintenance Tools HANDYMAN First, let me start with a handyman, which is also known as a repairer, or handyperson…

Keep Your Family Safe With Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms most important item you purchase for your home that could save your family’s life. A single most simple action to protect your family.

Fire safety and preparedness in the home

Fires, unfortunately, occur in homes all the time. It’s important that we know what to do if a fire breaks out in our home, but…

Safety Tips for the DIY Enthusiasts

 Safety Tips for the DIY Enthusiast When you work on a project, do you get so involved in what you’re doing that you tune out…

Fire By Chimi

Let me tell you a little story about last Saturday and how our house could have burned down from fire by chimi, a chimichanga and…

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