Boys Bathroom Remodel

Boys Bathroom Remodel


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Bathroom Remodel

We have been in our house since our youngest was six months old. That was sixteen years ago. The bathroom was builder grade everything. The cheapest of the cheap. In all these years it has received one coat of paint, clearance floor tile and a molding around the builder grade mirror.

Four kids, three of those boys, and sixteen years later, the tub started leaking from a crack, we were in desperate need of a bathroom remodel. It was time to bit the bullet and so some work on my own house bathroom.

But a bathroom remodels can be extremely costly even when doing it oneself. We had to think of a cheap way to remodel, yet be durable to withstand our boys, as well as look nice to serve as our guest bathroom.


to the boy’s smelly bathroom. You can almost see the smell of boys wafting from the nasty tile.

Our ideas needed to be heavy duty and so we wanted to go full up on the shower floor to ceiling. We started by taking out the drywall and cutting the tub out.

then we removed the toilet and floor tile.


We started a long process of chiseling the mortar from the tile out. Literally, inch by inch before we figured out that we could float a light layer of Henrys Feather Finish over the top of it. We had also put the tile as our baseboards which left a thin layer of mortar we needed to figure out what to do with. Stay tuned to see what we come up with to avoid chiseling all that off.



We analyzed the cabinet carcass. The kickboard and the end of the toilet were warping but other than that the main structure was still in good condition. We had an idea for the warping wood so we decided to keep it to help save some money.

I failed to get a picture of the light prior but it was the standard grade chrome light with four lights. This is the best picture I have. It’s not great but you can see it wasn’t a grand light.

Now comes the fun…hard part. We need to make this durable, eye appealing and with hardly any type of budget, so CHEAP!

Check out our inspirations on our Pinterest boards.

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